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In the movies area. 

Though I can in this one. 

What's that about?


Here, I'll talk about a BBC tv show I saw last night. 

It was the first episode of a show called "In the Flesh.

Set in the UK, in a universe where a drug/cure has been invented to re-animate and rehabilitate "partially deceased syndrome" sufferers (aka zombies). 


Deals with the struggles of the main character suffering from flashbacks and crippling guilt for the things that he'd done while in his "untreated condition"/

Re-entering his somewhat different "old life", finding out his sister being part of the "HVF" (human volunteer force) which was the folks that got together to defend against the zombies in the first outbreak, and with the whole community split down the middle as to whether or not these are the people they once knew, it's actually somewhat more towards drama than one would expect. 


I've only seen one episode thus far...the next deals with the thought-to-be-killed-in-afghanistan son of the leader of the HVF returning home. 

There's also a plotline about the rehabilitated PDS folks taking a drug that reverts them to their primal state going on.


Quite interesting. I think it may only be a three-parter by the look of it, but the production quality is good, it takes its time but it's a good story, and it's kept my interest. 



Coincidentally, I wanted to post about the movie "Warm Bodies" which I saw yesterday as the wife won tickets...deals with a somewhat similar subject matter but in a more comedic light. 

I for one thought it was very good. But, I guess there's a post I'm not about to spend any more time on in the wrong area of the forum. 

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