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Roughly How Long?


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Hey guys once i have germed a seed.. how long do u let it veg for? cuz cant u veg for as long as you like to the height u want depending on strains....


and should u veg it 18/6

and when it come times to flower flower it 12/12???


any help aprreciated as im having this argument with my cuzin..

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It all depends on what method you wish to employ...


You can grow it from seed..wait til its big enough to cut a side branch off (so that you can maximise its specific growth traits and note them) and continue to keep growing it till its 12 inches tall then flower it while your clone is rooting.


Or wait 8 weeks till your plant is mature then clone it...flower the original plant..and grow out the clone


Or grow your plant...flower it...reveg it...and carry on from there


If however you flower it...then revert it to vegetative growth beofre the end of the flowering cycle you may not know it has hermie tendencies late in flowering


Mj plants supposedly arent mature till they are 6-8 weeks old from seed...

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yeah mate 18/6 for veg and 12/12 for flower.


wait for altnernating nodes (where branches come out of stem) before flowering, usually starts to happen when plant is about a foot tall. When plants are young branches come out in pairs, when they start to alternate it is indication that plant is sexually mature and ready for flower. Preflowers are also an indication.


Sativa dominants can triple in size from start of flower to finish, indicas can double in size, yet some strains grow very little in flower at all. Take clones of your plants before turning to flower and when you grow the strain next time you'll have a better idea of its growth traits and how long you should veg for.

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