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Best Deoderizer (sorry Spelling)

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I just got caught smoking weed :angry: because my land loard walked in on me and he knocked on the door and my freind started spraying AXE and he emptied half a bottle and my land loard still new and this wasnt the 1st time either and i was wonering whats the best kind of air freshner to get rid of the smell of pot (plz include were to buy and prices)


P.S. Sorry if this didnt make more sense still a lil stoned :P





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Guest niall
What you're looking for is the Holy Grail, nothing will really get rid of the smell or mask it effectively. What you want to do is either not smoke it (get a vapouriser), start using extracts like hash or oil, or go down to the local pet/fish store and pick up a small bag of activated carbon and fashion a little filter out of some kitchen towel/paper stuff and an empty toilet roll thingy - use the kitchen towel to keep the carbon from falling out of the toilet roll and scrunch down the ends of the toilet roll to keep the whole thing from falling out, then just exhale through this filter and it should cut down on the smell quite a bit.
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hehe i do that sumtimes when im hell stoned & paranoid like now ..... hide till the fuckers go away hehehehehehe but i thought they have to give ya a week or sumthings notice in writing before they barge in ya house?


im pretty sure its illegal for them to just come in your house without any prior notice.. or did they give u notice but u just forgot? :;):


LoveMeBuckets :P

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I once forgot a notice and came home to see an inspection report on the table. It felt like my heart dropped into my stomach. I had me stash on bedroom desk along with vapouriser. Bong on kitchen bench, a bush drying on the back of a chair and a cupboard grow which they must've seen as well. I was very lucky and they even left a good report, go figure. maybe he/she was a stoner. I hope they helped themselves to some of my weed, they bloody deserve it after letting me off the hook.


Now I change the locks on doors and clean up and change em back when there's inspection so I never make same mistake. Having pissed off agent is better than having them seeing your gear.

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