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Seeds And Hydro...

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Hi all,


Well it turns out northen australia is dry and it has finally given me enough incentive to start my first hydro set-up. YAY


While I have quite a few grand to invest in this venture, getting a hold of some decent information and seeds are becoming a bit of a problem.


Mostly I have smoked moderate grade bush, but have had a few recent gems and have kept the seeds from them. Then my firend tells me that I will need to have "Hydro" seeds, not just regular seeds :P


So does this mean that my current seeds are useless for any sort of hydroponic propogration? Should I just start spreading these seeds through peoples garden beds and watch them grow?


What do I need to get a decent set-up happeing cause im willing to spend the money and do it right.

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Any seeds will grow inside, the difference being how long it takes to finish.

Indoors are mainly indicas and outdoors are generally sativa.

indicas are fast finished and smaller, sativas are HUGE and slow to finish.


but at the end of the day they will all grow indoors.

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I'm doing a decent set-up 'cause I have someone coming my way to help out and getting anything off friends here is impossible as there isn't anything floating around for any price.


The way I see it; If I invest a bit more now I shouldn't have to buy for a while and that will keep me happy, so a decent grow first off seems to be the only way to do it 'cause I need results, and I wouldn't mind learning. I have done some outdoors work before and have an idea of what I am looking for.

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Okay ... the basics of indoor growing are LIGHTING, VENTILATION and the GROWING MEDIA of your choice (soil or soil-less medias)




Their are two types of lighting for hydro growing, MH and HPS. But these lights come in diffrent wattages (usually 250, 400, 600 & 1000watts) Try to choose the lighting that suites your growing needs.




If you are growing in an STEALTH BOX then you will need two sources of ventilation (in & out). If privacy is a problem use computer fans & if you have no problems use the same kind of fans you have in the bathroom & toilet etc.




Thier is normal soil you can buy from the supermarket, if you are using this kind make sure it contains no bark and make sure it drains well. If you visit your hydro store they will offer a purified type of soil called CANNA coca, this comes in compresseds slabs or loose.


Most indoor growers use ROCKWOOL cubes (4x4cm) to germinate their seeds, these cubes have a hole in the top to slip you seed in & after they have rooted you can transplant into the media of your choice with very little shock to your seedling.


Another growing media is VERMICULE & PERLITE, im pretty sure vermicule holds moisture & perlite gives this media drainage or its the other way around.


And the final growing media is EXPANDED CLAY BALLs (geolite) but this is for more experienced growers.


Their are diffrent types of hydro systems ... i hope my info helped expand your horizons. :D :D :)


~ peace

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