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Drug Law Reform Australia needs Oz Stoners help!

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Greetings friends!


In case you hadn't heard already, Drug Law Reform Australia (druglawreform.com.au) plans to stand at the Federal Election in September, and be the voice for the country in changing drug laws, and giving the choice and liberty back to the people.


The two main parties see drug law reform as a minor issue, even though it is debiliating to our health, justice, and social systems. Our prisons are spilling over with non-violent drug offenders, and massive amounts of Police resources are tied up in victimless drug crimes. Drug users are treated as criminals, and 'rehabilitated' using outdated moral and religious methods.


It's time Australia took back it's rights to pro-choice, and stand up for a plant that has been victim to misinformation, lies, and propaganda for almost a century.


We need 500 members to register with the Australian Electoral Commission, and we need 183 more sign ups.  It is FREE to join as a supporter, or you may choose to pay $25 to become a voting member. I'd love to see those 183 spots filled by this community, their family, and friends.


The leader of the party is Greg Chipp, son of legendary democrat Don Chipp.


If you can help by joining, go here, and sign up www.druglawreform.com.au/join


It's time to be heard.

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I for one am eagerly awaiting the day for cannabis to be legalized and I am supportive of anybody who wants to achieve that goal, however I am not going to vote for anybody that just wants to jump on the bandwagon and has not much else to offer just to get voted in, and I am not saying Chip is that guy! It does not matter who we vote in or what bullshit carrots and promises they put up front.If it is going to be legalized it shall be legalized. But here's a heads up, when the united nations says we can, then it will go ahead!

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Also I would like to know your policies regarding Cannabis.


From speaking to you in the chat room I gather you advocate a medical Cannabis system that parallels the way Opiates are manufactured/supplied in this country.


If this is the case I want nothing to do with it.


Naycha :peace:

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I will vote for your party if you are on my voting slip.


The drug law reform party will obviously not get into a position of holding power, so I do not care about your other policies.


But if we had just 1 person either in the house of reps or in the senate representing drug law reform, at least we are in a position to have the topic debated by the rest of government.


I would however like to know about a detailed policy for regulating cannabis like alcohol.

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