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hey guys i was poking around in the garahe today and i found two boxes of plant food one was miracle grow and the other was scotts the miracle grow had 15-30-15 on it and the scotts had 20-27-5 what do these numbers mean and are these good ferts to use or should i look with something with diffrent numbers?
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the numbers mean how much Nitrogen, Phosphate, and Manganses, boron, Copper. is in the fert, Personally i use Miracle Grow- 15 30 15, Only use a Small amount and only feed it when its around 1 month old, and do it 1 once a week. DO NOT SPRAY the MIx on the leaves, only on the soil.



Plus ferts are kinda over rated i think, Just stick to plain old water.


with ferts its really easy to kill your baby.


at lease for me anywho.

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4 example=

I use a organic nutrient called ageold bloom 5-10-5


your first number is 5 = Nitrogen

number two is 10= Phoshorus

number three is 5 K "potassium" the last one is (K)

even though the first letter starts with a P


Ok now yes you can use the MG but its not the best ..

Its kinda like a Hot dog; "yes" you can live on it but its

not all that good for you . the same holds to are beloved

Marijuana plant . If you want sweet Bud like mother

Nature Intended . Use a great Organic Nutrient : Like Bat & Seabird

guano ; or wormcasting( not a primary nutrient) both can be made into a AWSOME TEA .

Now with that said : don't get me wrong your MG will work like I said.

but theres nothing better than taking it to the next level &

growing Organic ...........

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Ok the last post I did was for a flowering a high (P)


Now for Veg look for a fert high in the first # (N) nitrogen

again I use 12-6-6

as you can see the first number is 12 = 12% nitrogen (N)

6 = 6 % phosphours (p205)

6= 6 % potassium (K20)

see eazy .



& then there are your trace elements or aka macronutrients .

But you don't need to go into that ......Cuz there needed in such small amounts that a good quality nutrient will have plenty of them ..




team devils harvest

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