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Veg Time

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Lots of variables strain, soil, hydro, grow lab conditions.

For example Green House Seed Co. White Widow, recommended to grow 2 weeks only in hydro then start flower cycle.


Go with the advice from Ferenge420 in the previous reply.

Kannabis plants will tend to double in size during flower cycle.


Good Growing!

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It depends on the strain Everest..

if you're growing the Eurobud again you should know how much it stretches by now? I've got some strains that hardly stretch at all - blueberry for one, even Northern Lights, but the white widow stretches quite a bit, so vegging to the height you need is the way to go. That said some indicas need a longer veg from seed or the yield is reduced. I don't think this would apply to clones as the genetic age of the clone is the same as the mother. (or so the evidence suggests)

Why not get your clones vegging under the flouros while you are blooming the others. Then you only need a couple of weeks veg under the hid in most situations. I've found using nytrozyme (a kelp extract available at hydro shops) helps to thicken the plant up in the veg stage. Its about 12 bucks for 100 mls. I'm mucking around with a shallow water culture setup for pre vegging clones at the moment. A 5 inch deep tray with 2 airstones and a dual outlet pump. Could speed up the growth a little. We'll see. I think Cluster has done some work in this area. I know he likes the shallow water cause he can lie in there on hot days in his speedoes with a beer.



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