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Is MJ A Gateway Drug?

what illegal drugs have you been hooked on??  

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The only thing that makes mj a gateway drug is prohibition. If someone wants to buy some mj they go to a dealer who often sells harder drugs too.


But if you want to talk about gateway drugs, what about nicotine? Or alcohol? I tried both of these before I ever tried mj and I think most other mj smokers did too.


In fact, what about oxygen? I've been hooked on that my whole life! :P

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I voted for others, Im hooked on my weed.


as far as MJ being a gateway drug thats bullshit, I myself smoked weed before I tried other drugs and have tried just about everything. The fact that I smoked first had nothing to do with me trying other harder drugs.

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Well I don't smoke this shit at all, but 1 gram in a coffeshop is about 6 euro. Growers like me sell for about 2,75 euro a gram for a good strain.


A clone is about 2 euro


2 euro is about 3,4 Australian dollar

2,75 euro is about 4,67 Australian dollar

6 euro is about 10,19 Australian dollar

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I have tried my hardest to use and abuse almost every drug available to me, yet i would not say I was addicted to any of them.

I guess you could say I was just a heavy drug user.


I don't really think mj is a gateway drug. i know a lot of people who have used mj but nothing else, but i also know a lot of people who use other drugs but particularly dislike mj.


however I do understand why it is often thrown into that category.generally I think people use it first because it is a more accesable drug, with lower risks and a cheaper price tag

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