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I came across this saying G.O.A.T. Greatest Of All Time.

Their should definitly be a variety called G.O.A.T out there.

but its going to take a collaberation of all the worlds breeder. EVERY Dr. Green thrumb we have out there.

That will bring the best of the best of his or her varieties.

They then need to all CO-Operate and combine the collective power of all their plants onto one perfect plant and in true stoner style with true stoner class we'd call this gem a GOAT.

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Negative to that...so easy to corrupt it's gene code and to manipulate it to the benefict of the state, during the Nixon's admin, many on the war of drugs tried to create serious diseases, to wipe out hemp for good, they failed thanks to some hippies from SF and the unknowingly Indian govt. at most your idea would appeal once we have the Monsanto of canna breeders in about 8 years time

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