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Salvaged Plants


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I've got 2 little plants that were left outside, 1 X Mananuska Thunder X AK47 male, left outside to sex and a SPC Indica clone that was forgotten and went to bud early.


My Question... Does the male have enought time to flower, so the female will seed?


Can i just leave them together outside?.


Here's a pic of the female SPC Indica.


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I am going off some very hazy memory of something I read on overgrow ages ago that said seeds need at least 4 weeks to mature properly.


I'm guessing the SPC Indica will flower within 8 weeks and has already been budding at least a couple so about six weeks left. Male in veg may take a couple of weeks or more in flower to start dropping pollen. So if it flowers quickly it may pollinate early enough to give time for seeds to mature, the longer it takes the smaller your chances are. Nothing to lose by giving it a go I guess.

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