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Baking Brownies with Decarboxylated Bubble Hash in Coconut Oil

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Have Been playing around with using bubble hash in edibles, and made some shit hot brownies......


Have worked out a good ratio of 2 tablepoons of Coconut oil to 2 grams of Bubble Hash.

For one Pack of these Brownies, I used just 2 grams of good Bubble hash....... the effects were VERY suprising.


Oh and this mix is like a chocolate Vortex... lol


I recommend an eighth of the whole slab to start, effects start after 25 minutes, much quicker delivery than butter mixes.


We tried another 1/8th 2hours later, and ended up all munted and passed out an hour after that..... 3 seasoned smokers. lol

1/2 of 1/8th is a good buzz, which is what I'm on now and the after affects of last night still linger. :bounce:

Here's some info I'm sure most of you know, but for those that don't, Welcome to edible's.......


Some info from an Edibles Guru.......


"Ingesting marijuana and hash, aka eating it, brings very different affects compared to smoking. Veteran smokers are often floored by a standard strength edible. Why is this? What about tolerance? Why do high tolerance smokers get so high from standard edibles?

The simple answer is that smoking Cannabis creates delta-9-THC, and eating it makes 11-hydroxy-THC, which is 10x more psychoactive than delta-9-THC.

To get high from Cannabis we first use heat to break the "-A" off of the "THC-A" and "CBD-A". For smoking marijuana, this happens as you burn, the heat of the fire breaks the "-A" off and we get high from THC and CBD. The process of removing the "-A" group is known as decarboxylation. The "-A" is a carboxyl group (COOH). Enough nerd talk. In simple terms, you have to activate the THC before you eat it."


Matt Rize
Cooking Marijuana & Hash: Part 1 :signthis:

Decarboxylation: :yahoo:
The general rule for decarboxylating THC-A into THC is 90 minutes at 100 C degrees. That's the temperature of boiling water. The idea is you double boil your hash in Coconut Oil for 90 minutes,  stirring occasionally and use that  oil to cook, or even better eat without further cooking.
Use a Pot of boiling water with a bowl inside, or double boiler.


Baking temperatures of 200C aren't even usable as that is way too hot for THC.

Bake Brownies at 140C for 1 hour. No higher or you will start to vapourize the THC.

There is a slight taste of cannabis, but I must say, its the cleanest tasting edible i've had.


This is what happened, after 24 hours of Canna tripping.........


........ Last slice anyone. hehe




Here are a few baked goods, winter is a coming, and I'm getting ready.....



Chicken Curry Pie and  Apple Turnovers - Stoner Size......

post-38794-0-15724400-1364196570_thumb.jpg  post-38794-0-99667100-1364196723_thumb.jpg post-38794-0-19078600-1364196892_thumb.jpg


Canna Steak, Tomato and Cheese Pie........

post-38794-0-06338200-1364195920_thumb.jpg post-38794-0-95207900-1364196098_thumb.jpg post-38794-0-79100700-1364196265_thumb.jpg


Ok, thats it, just waiting till harvest so i can make some more bubble for some baking, but get into it!


It's not just for Baking, theres Hot drinks, pastas, Stews, anything you can eat, you can use it in.

Just remember to keep the cooking temps under 140C and you wont Vapourize the THC ya wanna eat. :doh:


Off to finish that last slice...... hehe......  awesome. Peace. Nibbler. :afro:



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I will be making this for sure !


Great read and top qality food products !

Cheers Fuel, get ya cakes on!


Yeah interesting read mate :) Thanks for the info, shot you some rep for the good post !

lol , dont need any more Rep.... I cop enuff shit about it as it is......  Cheers Man.



And I will atest to the increase in potency of properly de-carbed hash/trich's etc

Hash brownies such a stoner stereotype...

Yes Mata, rattled the old brain for a day or two...........Think Brownies were always popular, as the rich chocolate masks the taste of even the worst Butter mixes.... lol


Nibbling on hash, excellent idea.  Great advice and clear instructions, good stuff nibbler.  Wish I had some of that here for desert right now.

No..... No Hash for You! ..... lol .......well maybe..... if ya good......... and ya eat ya brussel sprouts........


Thanks fellas, just passing it on as i try it myself. Peace. Nibbler

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nice one nibbler! looks delish


loving the detail on the pie

They were all Yummy, the Chicken Curry pie left a lil after burn..... but thats to be expected.... lol ... Its all in the details Gaul........ all in the details.....  :thumbsup: .....


Wicked Mate!! :yahoo:


I wanna get into some edibles, and this looks like the way!!


Thankyou for sharing!!


lets see how i go this harvy, i might have to invest in a set of bubble bags.. :egyptdance:


Vape For Life

Heya Vape, mate , know how ya like ya vapourizer, this is also the cleanest way to make edibles with bubble hash. Great for Method for making some medicinal Edibles and quick and easy..... can also use Dry Ice hash....... basically any hash that will disolve in oil,  without a high percentage of plant material will make the most awesome edibles.

I'd make more, but then I'd lose all me sweet, sweet, full melt. lol

Peace. Nibbler.

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