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Plastic bags or containers???

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Guest Urbanhog

I remembered a while ago,I saw in one of these Dick Smith's junk mails, saw this thingy that seals and sucks the air out of bags, and it also "melts" the plastic together to make it real air tight and I am sure it wasn't that expensive, somewhere $40-$60.....


But I Use "Lock & Lock" Silicon sealed containers from, that has "locks/clips" on each four sides, and it real airtight, I tested, I filled up with water, and closed it and left it upside down overnight, not a single drop of leaked.... brought them from K-Mart or Big W can't remeber, but Tupperwares will do. (just take a couple from your mum's or granny's kitchen :lol: )


It will only go stale/mould if the buds weren't completed dried like small percentage of mositure still in them, and also sometimes when people live in real humid environment like Far North QLD, where there's a heap of humidity in the air, sometimes it leaves bit of mositure if it wasn't stored properly.


Only speaking from experience.... :D

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I have satelite TV and saw the ad for the vacuum food saver, i think it was Danos, when i saw it suck the air out of and crush 48 empty coke cans i just had to buy it.

I think it cost about $350. It has many uses, storing seeds, turns a pound of MJ into a brick for easy storing, even a freshly harvested bud can be shrink wrapped, frozen and a year later defrosted, manicured and hung up to cure without any detrimental effects.



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