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Well... that should be quite the story. Although being TT, I don't think they're going to give him much of a chance to say his peace and get the word out about the good that he was doing.


As much as he apparently kept it under control and kept records so only patients received his medicine, TT are notorious for jacking people up and twisting opinions to suit their stance on topics.


I hope he gets a fair chance but I think he would've been better off with a less biased group of people to air his thoughts through :(

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Yeah I saw a preview for it earlier on TV, so looks like they will be airing the story.


I also am skeptical that TT will present a positive view of this, but if they've done even a little bit of research then they should realise this guy is trying to help seriously sick people and actually do a balanced interview.

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It was actually on tonight, anyone else see it?


Surprisingly, they actually did a compassionate story and it was quite moving to see the young girl who had seizures since she was 6 weeks old become seizure free within 10 days of using Mullaways oil!


They also mentioned the parlimentary hearing that is going on in NSW at the moment.


All in all, I don't think anyone could have watched that story and still believe that cannabis should not be legal for medical purposes.


Never thought I'd say this, but well done Today Tonight :)

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nothing on the main page anything about that story .. maybe they dont want to publish it on the website?


Yeah, I can't see it on their website.


Maybe if we all send them a note asking for more information or showing support for the cause, they might keep the story going.


Contact Today Tonight: http://au.news.yahoo.com/today-tonight/contactus/

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