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Weed Country USA


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Hey folks I have caught on to a new show. Its on Discovery Channel on Foxtel. You can all so get it through downloading. :D


The show is about California pot farmers and Dispensary Dealers and the Law that tries to shut them down.


One farmer even has a Cop Brother :doh:


so check it out.


Cheers :good:

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I've seen 4 eps and unfortunately it's terribly scripted and acted not reality at all although the shots of the outdoor monster buds make it worth a peek.

If you wanna see an even more scripted reality series check out Gene Simmons Family jewels.

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Should you favour Channel 9 or Channel 7 in your TV habits then this is for you....Goonies is being very nice calling this commercial crap 'SCRIPTED" others may be correct in naming this as sensational american sh!t...it aint rocket science

Weed Country E01S01, an elderly drugee gotta deliver 6 pounds (13.2Kg) of head to an X-Cop 6 hours away for that he gets a 'nice' feeling and $us 9,000.00.....sum'thing very wrong with the economics of Humbolt County, if thats the case


Should you endure watch it blazzes, really no other choice ....lol 4/10

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