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...don't winge about the cannabis laws if you wont fight to change

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I want it decriminalised/legalised just as much as the next person, but am finding, with time, my reasonings behind this are changing. Currently, I'm unemployed, so I've had a shitload of time on my hands, not to mention the opportunity to indulge myself on the herb a little more than usual. Been spending alot of time in the garden, walking the dog and exploring the countryside around the area.

I use cannabis for a couple of reasons. I don't feel a need for booze, which I consider a far more dangerous and toxic substance, and I also use extracts, oil and hashish, as an AED. I also had bronchial asthma as a teenager, which I have not had since I started smoking, and arthritis, which is the result of a surgical procedure. But these are not my reasons for wanting decriminilization.

I think I had an Epiphany. I was at a look out, overlooking the rolling hills inland from the bay, just because it looked like a good place to stop. Wasn't thinking of nothing in particular, just absorbed the surrounds, the plants, the grass, the trees, and the imaginary cannabis plants:-) That was the Epiphany, why are they imaginary, why aren't they there?

I am a man, therefore, I must live by the laws of man. But there is a law that is above all else, the law of nature. Everything on this planet has the right to exist and evolve under this law, and if it is not meant to be, for instance, the dinosaurs, then nature will decide its eventual fate. Who is man to put laws on plants that nature has created?

I'm not a greenie, I follow no religion, but I know my place. And I think it's time that the rest of man realised his place too. Our political and religious leaders, those that have imposed the laws of man, need to reconsider just who, or what, is actually in control of the planet, and start modelling mans laws around the laws of nature, before nature decides that we be the next dinosaurs.

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Seams everyone has a medical reason to smoke weed these days. What ever happened to just wanting to get blazed.


No doubt a lot of people still just want to get blazed.


Maybe you are just noticing more people with a medical reason because they are feeling less afraid to express themselves.


I don't see why you feel the need to de-legitimise them to make yourself feel better about being a recreational smoker. Smoke up if you feel like it, you'll probably enjoy it more though if you stop worrying about other smokers and their reasons.


Naycha :peace:

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Might also come down to the fact that we are more aware of what illnesses can be treated/controlled with the various types of cannabinoids, as opposed to synthetic pharmaceuticals.

Nothing wrong with getting toasted, better than being shitfaced. But like alcohol, moderate. I spent ten years on a stone, I don't regret it, but I didn't really go anywhere either, I was just content with everything. Not a bad state of mind to be in, but not very conducive to self improvement, or the hip pocket.

I think that those ten years is why the government considers it harmful to society, but bear in mind, it was not the only substance I was abusing during that period. I was addicted to drugs, pure and simple, didn't matter what the substance was. Yes, cannabis was the first, but not the gateway. The gateway was not only the people I smoked with, but more so the people we scored from. They had the product, even when we didn't know they had it. Its when you become a regular, that you get introduced to their other offerings.

So there's two valid reasons, that I stand by through experience, for legalising. Firstly, to stop the real gateway to heavier drugs by legalizing cannabis, eradicating the dealer/customer connection, and the physical proof that cannabis is controlling my epileptic seizures. I have not used AEDs for over two months, with no ill side effects or symptoms associated with epilepsy. Can't wait till the next bone density scan, quietly confident my osteopaenia has slowed due to the fact that tegretol is not interfering with my vitamin D intake:-)

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