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What's the best portable vape in Australia?


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Hi Guys!


Looking for a portable vape. I do most of my smoking on the go so this is what I need.I really want the Pax by Ploom but I seem unable to buy it in Australia and no one is able to ship internationally.


There are a few dodgy sellers on eBay but since it is pricey Im a bit wary of giving some stranger with no rating my money.


Do you guys have any other vapors you can reccommend?


My vape must have the following attributes


- Stealth , small enough to carry in pocket - no obstrusive pipes sticking out. No butane smell when in use. Quiet during use


- Easy to maintain and clean - I smoke everyday so I will be cleaning the filter quite alot Im assuming


- Want to get as high as I get with my glass bong - Would like to use as much as or less weed then I use in my bong(if at all possible)


- Not more then $300


-Convenient - would prefer if the entire unit is in one piece(more portable) - like the Pax.


Any suggestions guys? Reviews on those you've tried?


Thanks in advance for any help.

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I dont know if this qualifies as portable as it wont fit in your pocket However I used to use the OLD style light bulb which you can still find around second hand stores dump etc and



1 just twist of the aluminium wiring bit  and throw that bit away and your left with a empty glass bulb


2  2 lt softdrink  plastic cap and drill in 2 small holes


3 get some plastic aquarium air hose and fit this into one of the holes (this is the bit you will be sucking from lol)


4 get a candel and light her up


5 throw some mix in the light bulb  and put on your cap


6 hold it about 2 cm above the lighted candel and shake it a bit till you see white smokey vapours


7 suck it all in and enjoy


8 best of all it only costs around 2 bucks so you can throw it away when finished lol

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