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How To Make Some More Bamboo?

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Hi I has a a clump of bamboo.Its inmy back yard..and I want to make it into some more clumps. I got some new shoots and put them in a glass of water and put them in my window sill inmy kitchen...I also got some tall legnth and cut it into pieces under the node and stuck it into a bucket of water. I dont know if this is right. Dos anyone know how is or what is the best way I should be doing it.

I was searching for australin sites when I came up with this 420 site , and thought oh cool, me.!!


Anyway , thanks again


I got to go root my wife



c ya

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Uh, this is a MJ forum mate, not a general gardening forum.... :P unless that's some sorta code for cannabis plants or something.... :P


You wouldn't do well rooting bamboo shoots in straight water, although I suppose it could do so, it's likely more to rot. If you need advice about bamboo, I'd suggest trying the local library for a good gardening book. There are many specialist and general books on bamboo there.

If you need advice about growing your own mj, however, then you're definitely in the right place. :P


No offence intended by this mind you, just think you may have your wires crossed about the nature of the forums.... No biggie, just thought I'd point it out... Check out the community guidelines at the top of the page and you'll get an idea about this place. :P Course, I could be wrong, I am in excruciating pain and could be missing something.... Anyway, take it easy bud. ;)


Oh, and I'll move this post to the Club House, seeing as this particular forum is about growing MJ, and the club house is where we place or start threads which are about just about anything else.... I'll leave a link in the general growing forum so you can find this post tho.

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I am in excruciating pain and could be missing something....


Im thinking he wants to propogate some bamboo to grow along with cannabis, to keep it well covered. :P :P


Dont plant bamboo in your backyard or in city areas or any areas where underground pipes might lay mate.


Anyways good luck and shit, when you finished growing there, dont just leave it like some corporate dog would, dope growers shouldnt be fucking the place. I'd cut that shit at base level and paint each stem cut with a good amount of round up or something, dunno, never killed bamboo, but dont just leave it.

If your grows arent gonna be big, , just for perso, I reccomend keeping the bamboo in planter bags so the roots dont invade your dope roots and disturb them and shit, and also you know that you wont be making bamboo destroy that land forever.


Bamboo and Lantana are the outdoor growers best friend, but dont forget they are noxious weeds and all that crap.


Oh and propagating, dunno, should be easy, what your doing should work fine, or just bung a stem in some pots.


good luck and take care.

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Lantana isnt a weed but it is spread easily, most garden shops sell lantana.


bamboo is different too, I mean you can buy clumping bamboo or no clumping, and one is bad and the other doesnt spread out etc.

the idea with the cup of water is valid BUT you need to put an air line in the water to supply oxygen and change the water every 2 days.

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Guest Wilderbud

Ive propogated bamboo with a mower before - it took about 4 weeks to go from about 10 stalks to over a hundred. Just chop it up like a mower would do if you really want a yard of bamboo.


NB its hard to get rid of - I tried what WC said about cutting them down and putting all sorts of bamboo killer on them - it just kept regenerating.


You could probably wrap newspaper around a bunch of stalks and keep it wet for a few weeks to get roots - saves messing around. Strike rate should be remarkable - it is a noxious weed.

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Lantana isnt a weed but it is spread easily, most garden shops sell lantana.


Lantana IS a weed, just look at some of the rainforest areas in the gorges of Western Australia, and you'll see why. :P


Sure, it's sold in garden centers, but lots of plants are, doesn't mean they're not bloody nasty weeds should they escape. There are many local organisations, as well as state and national ones, making concerted efforts to clear out weeds such as lantana and others from our local environments.


Oh yeah, and if you're using bamboo as a screen, it's now possible to get clumping bamboos, which don't produce large lengths of rhizome, or appear up 6 feet away in the middle of the lawn after the mother plants been cut down. Your local garden center should be able to advise you of an appropriate cultivar. Some of them are really nice too. :P

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yeah thanks a lot guys , thats really great...i reckon i can gets it up in no time . There is 2 types (main) of bamboos, running and clumping.This one Im talking about is clumping, and can be contained by digging a smallish mote type thing around the boo, and filling with cement .The running one is cunt to contain is unstopable , I got some of that too, but I keept in a big pot. The one i wanna clone, grows 20 foot stalks in about a fortnight with nice watering/fertz regime, but it can be contained with a lil bit of digging and mixing cement/concrete.It is great for creating privacy FAST.Ive had them lying dormant in pots for years but decided to wake them up for a lil bita camo work, fast trak styleee.




c ya and thanks again .



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