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Sprouts And Strains

Guest soccer

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Guest soccer

Hey, I need some help with my seedlings. I planted three seeds into a small pot and only one was fully germinated at the time. Although only one was germinated, TWO, sprouted up. :P They are literally right next to eachother. Is this a problem? Will they eventually choke eachother to death?


My second question is, how long do I have to wait until the marijuana type is identifyable. (White Widdow, etc.)? Thankx for the help!



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two plants that close together can cause all kinds of problems. Roots can strangle each other. If you let them get too big and then chop one, the roots from the dead one can rot in the soil and cause more problems.


Separate them now while they are small.


As for IDing a specific strain, good luck. You can probably tell if they are indica or sativa, but trying to figure out a specific strain can be really tough.




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