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Smoke Screen

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This is the story of a Mr Allen Long.

Responsible for ton's of importation into continental USA mailny from Colombia.

It was written by the same journalist who wrote snowblind: Robert Sabbag.

It is well written, a good tale, and well worth a read. Mr Long is not your typical dealer. Graduating from small deals to multi ton imports using planes and boats through the Carribean.

The book heavily uses Mr Long as the central story but there are a host of other larger then life characters, including a Jake Myerson Longs main recipient, J. D Read whose father is a Las Vegas hitman and is in the habit of ripping a telephone directory in half whenever he enters a new city. Lee Carlyle who Long meets in Mexico after Lee had done a stint in a Mexican jail. El Coyote is so unreal he must be real.

I like this book have read it a couple of times. Its a much better read then snow blind. You never know whether to believe everything that is written because it kind of sets the bullshit o-meter off (Especially the above mentioned El Coyote and there is a story with a mule which I cannot repeat in polite company) but then again its very very very entertaining.

I give it 3 and half to four bongs out of five. I would have given it more but Mr Longs cocaine antics get a little tiring.

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