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Start of spring, although local areas may have more specific planting dates according to the local seasons and climate. :D MJ is a short day flowering plant, which means it gets the signal to flower when the darkness period gets longer and the daylight shorter in late summer and autumn.


So you want to grow the plant through spring, after the last frosts as it's quite intolerant of cold temps, to give it a goodly amount of vegetation to develop the flowers on. The longer the veg, all else being equal of course, the bigger the harvest. :D


Hope that helps. Check out the Grow Faq and the search function on the top of the page, these, as well as the rest of Oz Stoners really, are invaluable growing tools. Nearly every question has been likely asked before, in one form or another, so if you look, you'll likely find. But if you're just stumped, then yeah, ask away! :D

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