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Wondering When To Flower


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hideyho fuckers,

I have had my little dudes growing indoors underlights ( 18/6) for about a month now. Prior to that they grew from seeds outdoors for about 3 weeks. They are about 40cm tall and bushy and thick as all fuck.


when should I start to reduce the light cycle to 12/12?. my grow room is 1100 x 1100 and about 1800 tall. I figure the absolute max height the plants could grow to without burning would be approx 1200.


thanks dudes

take it easy

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I usually switch to the flowering cycle when they are at 1/3 the available grow height (where you are now), this allows for stretch and for the light(s) to have a good coverage across the canopy when they reach their full growth, if your plants are an Indica dominant then I let them grow a little past the 1/3 as they don’t stretch as much as the Sativa dominants in flowering.
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yeah, it is really my first grow.

I started outdoors just after xmas, a bit late I know, but better late than never. I ended up killing most of those plants with a heavy dose of pyrethrum. A couple survived.


One has gone hermie( about 150cm tall) I think, and one is looking like a nice little lady( about 1m tall).

I germed a few more seeds , and then I built an indoor grow room.


One of the original outside plants is also indoors with my little dudes. It is about 65cm tall and mega fucking bushy. I haven't decided what to do with it yet. i might finish my two outdoors plants first so I know what to expect ( they are a bit of an experiment I guess, so if I fuck them I don't really care). then I will flower the rest of the gang



thanks for the advice

take it easy

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thanks for the heads up tom.

I got rid of all the soil the plant was in , and repotted it in coco.

so far I have not found any bugs or other crap in my grow room.

during construction of the room, I bombed it and the surrounding area with a long lasting surface spray, to knock out any little nasties that wondered into the area. so far so good!

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