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Clones form their roots best at a temperature of 25 to 26 degrees Celsius, and a relative air humidity of 70-75%. Just as is the case with actual growing, climate control is very important for cuttings. Moulds and pests insects must never get a chance. Above all, mould spores can cause problems if the climatic conditions aren't optimal.

Flourescents are the best for rooting clones and can be kept a couple of inches above the clones without burning the tips.

HPS and metal halides are generally used for flowering and vegetative growth after the clones have rooted. Distance from plants is measured by placing your hand palm downwards on the top of the plants and if the heat on the back of your hand feels comfortable the height of the light is ok.

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does the temperature need to be increased or decreased as they become larger?


No, although I think some enthusiasts do.


which lights are good for creating heat, which arent?


Fluoro's run fairly cool, in the colder months down here in Tas fluoro growers have to use heaters in their grow rooms, HID's on the other hand run hot and keep the temp up in the grow room, adequate ventilation takes care of any excess heat.


Types of HID used for growing:


Metal Halide - mostly for veg stage.


High Pressure Sodium – mostly for flowering stage.


Horticultural - HPS/MH veg and flower stages (Son-T-Agro, Son-T-Plus, Lucalox, Lucagrow, etc.).


My plants are grown from seedling/clone to harvest under two 430w Son-T-Agro HPS/MH horticultural lights.


To set the light to grow height, start at 45cm/18" above the plants, hold your hand palm down level with the top of the plant for a few minutes. If it feels too hot on the back of your hand the light is too close, if cool then it's too far away. If it's pleasantly warm and it feels as if you could hold your hand there all day then it's OK.



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