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tents and light leaks?

Ford Fairlane

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Howdy Y'all..


I have a question regarding tents. I am considering buying a tent for the first time, as I inevitably have trouble with light leakage in my room... However, after doing some research I came across a tent that claimed to be the darkest tent available... This caused me to put my finger on my chin and say "hmmmm" , does anyone have trouble with light leaks in their tents? or is this just marketing BS..




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I got Secret Jardin 1.2 x 1.2 tent and it is pretty much light proof .

My tent lives in a shed and at night when the light is on in the tent and off in the shed i only see a very ,very faint " glow " and maybe a couple of pin holes .The shed is still pitch black inside at night . Just a very very faint glow comes from 600 w in the tent itself but not enough to illuminate anything , i must say i was pretty impressed by how well it keep light in / out .

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I've got an indoor elements 1.8x1x1 in my shed and its fine. Like stated above I get some shine from zippers and pin holes but nothing enough to illuminate the inside of the shed. On the darkest night my shed is still pitch black. In terms of light leaking in....when I first set it up I jumped inside, zipped it up and looked for light leaks.....I couldn't find much. A bit of tape here and there to satisfy my paranoia.


A bigger worry is light through your vents......or as happened to me once, a stupidly bright light on a fan.

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thanks fellas. so no dramas with hermi's due to light infiltration into the tents?


I have an indoor elements tent, same as Ferrets... unless there is a bright light source near one of the passive intakes... no worries. No herimies though, just a bit of revegetation.

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I get no light going in or out on my air intake . I used 200mm ducting and sprayed the inside with matt black spray paint and put a slight S bend in there to stop any light reflecting in the duct . I draw my air directly from out side to avoid useing the hot stale air in the shed ,works well .


I just didn't have enough ducting to do this....needed another meter or so. Growing autos at the moment, so once they're finished I'll be getting more ducting to do some S bends. I also draw air from outside of my shed through some nifty slatted air vents.

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