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Growing In A Big Tree

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i just had a great idea , the place i live doesnt have many concealling bushes that i can hide a plant in and get enough sun to it.


so i was wondering if i found a huge , bushy tree and build a small platform between some of the branches near the top, then made a type of skylight leading up to and out of the top of the tree by cutting a few of the top banches out then useing them to disguise the tin foil skylight. ( which pokes out the hole) and then put a plant in a pot and down the tube. would it grow properly?


the skylight can be made out of tin foil reinforced by steel mesh wire.


also is there any way of growing hydroponics outside with a car battery or something?

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I have known people who grew in trees, hoisting them up and down to water. The plants will dry out a lot more up there though, and need lots of water. I wouldn't worry about all the extras ( skylight etc) you'll just draw attention to it. Depending on the tree, it should get enough light to grow.

What sort of tree is it?

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you can do outdoor hydro with out any power source. Just use a bucket with some holes drilled in it about 150mm up from the bottom. Fill the top 2/3's of the bucket with 50:50 perlite and vermiculite. The bottom 1/3 of the bucket acts like a storage tank for the nutirents. Next, fill it up with nutirents till it starts to overflow out of the holes you drilled and away you go. Easy.


Once the plant gets big you will have to top up the nutrients everyday unless you use a really big bukcet or have a backup tank connected to the main bucket.


Works well.


www.sensieeds.com has a similar setup for sale on their website but it only a small version of mine.

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Hey man, sounds like a trippy idea, but are you in an area that neighbours are going to see you hauling ass up and down a tree? Interesting though, was thinking about starting plants inside to put outdoors (guerilla grow), a tree would be perfect stealth! Thanks for the idea.

And as sir-skunk-alot has pointed out, you don't need a power source for outdoor hydro. Good, easy set-up described there. And I'd def have the back-up tank, hauling tonnes of water to thirsty plants can be a pain!

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A hollow tree would be fucking perfect. Something like an old red gum or bottle tree thats eaten out with an opening at the top of the main trunk. Hard to find but they are out there. You could lower your plant enough to be invisible from the ground but still getting plenty of light most of the day. Anytime you want to water it take a ladder. Nobody would ever find it.
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I have one going right now, Its in a beautiful tree that HUGO blew the top out of,Well all was cool when I put it up there.You see its right on a fish pond. Good thing I got a small battery operated pump to feed it with.The tube runs down thru the bark. Well now everytime I go to see it people are fishing all around the pond...I find myself laughing out loud setting there with my pole in the water setting there with my pump sucking out of the pond up to the plant. From what I can tell it has grown about six or eight inches. I had this plant inside until last week APRIL 13th.It had been on 12/12 for about three or four weeks inside,small white hairs.The photo period outside is 12/12 or very close, but its going to get longer everyday I cant wait to see what it does...Bud on, or veg. out either way it maybe a monster..This pic is from across the pond.i cant even see it from here. It is in a pine tree.


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