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Persistant nutrient problem(please help)


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As advised by others in another thread, i have decided to start my own thread in an attemp to try to fix my problem.


**Posts taken from my other posts**

It's been a week since i transplanted to larger pots and my problem still exists :(

If someone could take a look at the pics, that would be very much appreciated.


Is it magnesium or manganese? Or neither?




This one was potted using a $12 bag of "re-potting" soil and from my previous experience with cheap(read bunnings special) mixes, this one does not appear to have a lot of bark. Not sure of the brand of potting mix but it did mention have 3 months worth of food in it.

This plant is actually 12 weeks old now as i got it out early. A clone of it's self does not show the same symptoms and neither do any others though they are not as old as this one.

The problem started with older growth and has moved to pretty much all but new nodes and is getting worse by the day. I can take a pic of the entire plant if it might help better?


The lime was spread across the surface and watered in over a couple of days. That was the day after i moved it into a larger pot. It could still turn around if it takes a week to take effect.

As for PH... i have not checked it recently. I have access to a decent digital PH meter.


Normally i grow local bag seed from Nimbin in cheap ass potting mix and have no problems. This time though i am using some beans from yonder and some of them seem a bit finicky?




Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor

Growing Medium: re-potting soil(3 month food included)

Growing Style: Pots

Watering/Feeding Frequency: every 2 - 3 days depending on rain and temperatures.

Nutrient Strength (PPM/EC): Sprinkle of Bunnings slow release furt every 3 - 4 weeks

PH Levels: NFI right now

Temperature/Humidity Levels: low to mid 30's and mid to high humidity depending on previous nights rain fall and following days temps

Air Flow: atmospheric

Lighting Type (CFL/HPS/MH etc.): Sun

Total Wattage: N/A

Growth Stage: Veg showing pre-flowers

Plants Age: 12 weeks(ish)

Cannabis Strain: TH Seeds Darkstar(https://www.cannabis.../prod_2620.html)


Admittedly, it spent too long in the smaller pot(approx 12 litres) but is not in a 30L pot.

I took some pics today, please have a look and see if you can offer any assistance?


These pics of of the majority of the plant. Then i show 3 days worth of the problem at which time, the leaves drop off.


Do you think it is even worth saving at this point or should i germ a couple of Super Silver Haze and free the pot up for them instead?






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Yeah i think thats my best bet.

I have a HM Digital PH-200 in the draw that i got as a hand me down. Not sire if it is calibrated properly though as it has not been used in months.


What is the best way to test? How much water do i need to put through it and how much do i need to catch to test?

And i am assuming i need to test the PH of what is going in before i test whats coming out?


I have been watering with tap water that has been stored in 2L milk bottles for a day or 2 before use. I'll see if i can calibrate the meter and test that tonight some time.

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Hey mate google testing ph in soil pot. Its easy enough..


Googled and noted.

I just calibrated the meter and took a reading of the water going int. It read 6.75

I will have to wait a day or 2 to get a sample from the plant to test as it rained heavily last night and is likely to do the same tonigh.


Its reveggin Caff but i may be talkin bullshit again mate !


That is plausible potrocket.

It went outside at the same time as 2 other that have since flowered and finished. This one did not show signs of properly flowering till about a month ago though?

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Your potting mix is shit mate, no arguing it.


Measure the pH and EC of your runoff, that tells a good story in itself.


Funny a lot of folk use "$12 potting mix" from bunnings, bet I could name the brand... Even funnier that I always see the same rust type symptoms.


You can salvage that plant, just keep cruising along. Good flush, get the pH/EC about right and dont go large on the feed til it shows signs of needing it.



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G;day Caff ,

And You to Billydonk :egyptdance:


Mate when you've been growing for a few years you will get a good idea on how to.... call out the bullshit !

Sorry mate but i'm not going to reguritate help for you mate !


They are revegin and your dressing of calcuim has caused a calcuim defiency but you need magnesium as well (Pics are proof) !

Our plants will use a shit load of calcuim and magnesuim during flower but your calcuim has depleted after re-vegetative growth !

Once again I'm not helping you !

And i hope your ph tester is at hand mate .

Better growers can offer better assistance !

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