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electricity cost

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Hey dudes...this is sumthin I worked out when I got bored at overgrow...thanks to white_cluster for his genuine genius..


so Enhil... if your running a 1000w light at 18hrs /day every day for 92 days and 15c/kWh....that comes to 248 bucks...is that how much it costs???? can anyone verify this please???


18 * 92 * .15 * 1kWh = $$$$$$ 248.40



04-14-2003 08:54 AM                     




Mr Putard

Edge Member




600watter is:-


18 * 92 * .6kW * .15 = $$$$ 149.04


400 watter is:-


18 * 92 * .4kW * .15 = $$$$ 99.36


thats pretty fuckin steep for those lights..



04-14-2003 08:59 AM                     


Mr Putard

Edge Member



oh...it gets even better...what tha fuck is tariff 33??? that's 30c a kWh...omg...now having second thoughts....mmm...nahhh it's still worth it..hehehehe



04-14-2003 09:03 AM                     




Mr Putard

Edge Member





G'day again...I went to energex and apparently it's a sliding scale...after a certain amount of power usage it goes down to 11c kWh check it out...you might also want to get tariff 31





04-14-2003 09:17 AM                     




Mr Putard

Edge Member





ok i've done the calculations based on the energex website and I reckon that since I'm using one 600watt lamp my power bill will jump from 110 bucks to 230 bucks per bill...I was also thinking of getting another couple of 160 watt blended light lamps for veging so this is going to really hurt the power bill I'm afraid...it'll probably get upto about 260-270 per bill....has anyone had this happen to them???



04-14-2003 09:36 AM                     





New Member




Hey People,


CGA don't worry about that power man, I run about that and sometimes add a bit more, its no worry.

1600w is nothing, anyone with an air-con or heater is running way more, cooks, welders etc.. would be running heaps.

How much power you use is nobodys business until you get silly.


But 1 thing I can't understand is why you would veg under 1000w and flower under 600w, that is crazy talk.


white cluster


PS my powerbill is about $650.

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