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Pot size for pot?


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First time poster here, just a quick question on pot size. A few years ago i was growing afghani and hindu kush, i was growing them in 140mm pots, good quality potting mix in good lighting in my orchid house. I'm assuming due to the pot size the plants would only get 15-20cm tall at max. I'm now getting back into cultivation, unfortunately i no longer have the pure strains any more so will just be growing bag seed. Again i will be growing outdoors. I plan to germinate indoors in jiffy pots then transplant outside into larger pots. Dont want anything too big just to make hiding a little easier if need be. What pot size would be recommended?
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start off in small pots, then maybe 8ltr, then anything up to 50ltrs. i try to keep transplants down to two or three, less stress.


I'm assuming due to the pot size the plants would only get 15-20cm tall at max.


It could be strain dependant on pot size. I have seen some pretty tall plants in 15 ltr pots. 1.5 mtrs to 2.5 mtrs. they stretch a bit when in flower also. go to cannaversity and find stuff on lst (low stress training) if you are worried about height.

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the height wasnt a huge issue, was living with my mum at the time and just meant they were easier to hide but gave piss weak yeilds. I was growing hundu kush which is a naturally small gorwing variety i hear but in only 1.5litres of soil they were quite stunted which was expected. might try 320mm pots next time (15litres) giving 10x the amount of soil to get a better yield
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