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Air-pot / Rocket-Pot worth using ?


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Hey guys,


I have been doing some searching on the forums but havent been able to find any information about air/rocket pots - has anyone used them ? have had good experiences ? They seem like a good idea for getting more air into the medium and susposibly have much better root growth. Id like to buy some but do not don't want to buy them to find out that they are actually terrible.


Here is the blurb from the airpot website:


"Air-Pot containers get the best out of all plants because they develop a remarkable root system. And vigorous roots support healthy and prolific plants. Like many clever tools, it is actually very simple – the Air-Pot ‘air-prunes’ roots and this constant pruning prevents any root circling and promotes the growth of more and more feeder roots. It is these fine, fibrous roots which use all the available water and food very efficiently, to help develop great top growth and excellent fruit. But good roots can only develop in healthy soil/compost - soil that is alive. Air-Pot containers also allow more air and better drainage than in any other container, another vital element that makes Air-Pot grown plants much healthier and happier." - http://www.airpotgarden.com/

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You have no idea what ya talking about Vostock..... lol ...... air pruning pots trim the roots tips so you don't get root bound, and the anti spiral pots stop the roots Binding up.

They are a great idea. Dunno how ya gonna make that outta weed matting, but hey good luck Mate.... :rofl:


peace. Nibbler.



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I would be really interested in trying these out while in vegetative growth, when root tips are pruned they form little balls, full of meristematic (sp) growth. On repot these roots truly go crazy!!!


The only thing i would be worried about is the amount of water/nutes needed to full saturate the medium, also the mess in respects to growing in tents!!


Some of the best pots for growing native seedlings really good at stopping the dreaded J rooting

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