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Movable Pots 4 Outdoor Grow...

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hello all,

if you're growing outdoors do you have to but the MJ plant in the ground? Can you put the plant in a big pot so you can move it around (if necessary). Im living in my parents other home and sometimes they come over to check the house out. I want something that I can move and hide (when needed to) and a big pot seems to me like a good idea. I don't know though. does sudden movements have negatives effects to the MJ plant? Anyone know???

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Yes, it's handy to able to move them if you have to. :ack: I have been growing like this for many years now with good results. Like pipeman said the bigger the better, I use 400mm[16"] pots with about 75mm[3"] of hydroton balls on the bottom for good drainage & my special mix on top. :peace: Whenever I have had to move them, they didn't suffer at all. :ack: You can also force flower if you want to by moving them to a dark shed or wherever. :peace: I also use MonsterBud organic hydro nutes. :peace:



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i think if you want to be able to move them a fair bit you should buy the biggest pots available because the bigger the root system, the bigger the plant :peace: but in my opinion what you should do is look for places you can plant them in the ground and just raise the plants up at your place so that after you put them out in the bush or where ever they can fight off the local competition better :peace:
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Yup, as the guys said, bigger the pot the better if you can't plant them into the ground. But if you can't and have to have to move em around in pots. Do yourself a favour and buy a hand trolley as well, it'll save ya back and won't leave drag marks if ya can't lift the pots by yourself.



Yep, the big pots get bloody heavy once your girls get bigger. I'd definitley be either buying or making something to move them around with. Looks like your getting the right advice anyway mate, goodluck! :peace:

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