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hey peoples, this is me first year growing and i gots 4 plants, between 2 and 3 metres. They all r female buts 2 are hermaphradites :) , they started budding bout 2 weeks ago and have hundreds of white cluster hair things - pistols or woteva. Me mate sed that it would be best to leave the hermies coz plenty of bud will grow on them and they will only make some seeds and they still give off nearly as much bud as unseeded bud?

Is this true, like wots da difference between a seeded bud and non-seeded? Is it too late too pull out da hermies- is the damage done? i can see some 'pods' which look like seeds with a once white but now brown hair coming outa it... is this a seed? or are the seeds deep inside the bud? Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanx

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Guest BudWaver

Always best to pull out your hermies unless you plan on making seed..


Yes they do produce buds...but a lot of the plants production goes into making the seeds as opposed to producing big bad buds that are resin loaded...


If you plan to unload it to other people in large quantities they wont like the seed in it....if your keeping it for yourself I wouldnt worry about it...I like seeds bursting under high temps..it freaks people out...


Take some clones of your female plants and make a note to rip out the hermies next time a bit earlier...


Pics would help clarify things...

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I personally would pull them or remove them away from your ladies.

As stated above the plant can only produce so much energy for its processes, what the hermi does is wastes alot of it on seed.

Therefore the bud that is produced is weaker and lighter, it also may make your ladies grow seeds from the male pollen.

why take the risk of ruining perfectly good females OR being busted for Homo plants?



Got pics? how big are these now?

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