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cross joint from the movie pineapple express


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Been laying off the billy a bit lately so its been vape and lots of spliffs and blunts.

Today I got bored and looked up how to roll a cross joint.

Basically just roll 2 joints one longer and fatter than the other. Then 'stab' the small one through the big one and seal it up with a strip of the gum bit of a paper.

1st attempt looks ok I just hope the cherries meet in the middle!





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Theres a ' joint rolling hand book ' , a few in the series now. I was taught to roll cool joints by mates, but had a look at these and they pretty good man.

Most of the older ones available as a downloadable PDF online.

Roll on.............. Peace. Nibbler.


p.s. Tulips are the Forshizzle.....


Just got a copy, thanks for the tip, Nibbler

I've seen those tulips but I kinda wondered if cherry would get too big and wind up being a waste of weed. I'll just have to give it a go and find out. Looks relatively easy. Bit smashed tonight tho. might have to save it for tomorrow

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