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Chance of hermies?

Mr Jane

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So I've decided to start my first outdoor grow for the experience (bit late I know) but oh well.. :sleeping:


I ordered a few different strains, Diamond Girl, Northern Lights, Lady Burn and Bubblegum (which was a freebie, thanks Bonza!)


I planted them all in a seedling tray, in a 50/50 mix of organic Miraclegro and cow manure about 10 days ago. They've sprouted nicely, but I've been giving them deranged hours of light.. being stoned and forgetful :wacko: not getting them outside on time, turning lights on around them when they are in the dark..


My worry is that I've stuffed them from the get go.. but then again I'm not sure if it will matter as much this early on? If anyone can point me in the right direction here that'd be appreciated!


Thanks MJ

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I think they will be fine with this while in veg as long as it isnt too bad and they are getting more than 12hr of light. Someone will jump in with some more info, but pull ya finger out before flower or you will get hermies.


I am vaping Vision Seeds Bubbl Yum as I am typing this. I just finnished growing it and it was an awesome looking little plant covered in resin. Not bad smoke either, smells awesome.

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Thanks for the quick reply El.. unfortunately I wont have the pleasure of seeing the Bubblegum grow :crybaby:

She died today, along with a couple others :doh: I thought I'd fix my lazyiness by just leaving them outdoors 24/7.. but apparently they don't dig these hot days. I guess that's the problem with starting them late eh? Oh well... learning curve curved!

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are u guna grow in pots or grow in the ground?

if pots id get em into pots asap and drop the miracle grow

it will be too strong for the youngins and therefore burn em

stunting them and producing slow growth

id get em into a mix similar to what u gunna flower them in

maybe dilute the mix a bit as the are small atm

and yer get em outside to get em into the natural phtoperiod if u cant mimic it indoors

all the best


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G'day Billo, I'll just grow in pots this time around..

So I'm taking a guess here, when you say to get them in to a mix similair to what I'm going to use during flower.. I wouldn't want to be using any mix containing nutrients right? Otherwise I will taste it? Instead I should use a medium like coco and liquid nutrients, so when the last couple of weeks of flowering comes along I can flush properly? Also when I re-pot them into the new medium, should I shake all of the miracle grow from the roots? Or will this damage the little uns?


Thanks for the advice man!

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aplant will consume the nutrient readyly available ina soil mix pretty quick

btythat i mean by mid flower id expect the plant to have exhausted the soil of it goodness

so therefore u may need to supplement it in late flower with soluble ferts

being in a pot and with u being able to tend to em daily

id suggest coco coir myself

i used to grow in it and its great stuff

remembering that runnig coco u can give it a straight water flush weekly to prevent any salt build up

and then the last week or 10 days run straight water before flush

all the best



ps wouldnt try and disturb the roots will only result in stress

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Thanks for the words Billo.

I currently grow indoors in a coco/perlite mix, and it is really good stuff.

So I re-potted the little uns in a 70% coco 30% perlite mix, being as careful as I could.

It hasn't been a great start, with a few dying, a couple look like they've retarded.. so out of the 8 I started with I think only about 3-4 will pull through, if I'm lucky.

I'll post up some pics soon for you guys.

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perlite and coco is good. You want nice aerated soil the roots can dig through quickly......the bigger the roots the bigger the plant :afro: , they like aeration...why not give it to them. . As mentioned previously horse manure would have burnt your seedlings......that's a lesson learnt. Don't be afraid of soil though, if not coco just go out and get some seedling mix and perlite and let them do their thing. I find its a good thing especially for new growers to not get caught up with nutrients and all that growing outdoors, generally a decent soil mix just with some manures and compost, a bit of seasol and maybe worm castings if you have them and gogo juice.......all products that are pretty forgiving and will give your plants all the nutrients they need along with the soil not to mention the quality of bud that is produced, keep it organic and the bud really flourishes in all aspects, flavour, smell and so on.

keep it simple


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