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Cannabis can cause psychosis in non-schitzo's: Study


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Cannabis use causes temporary cognitive breakdown in non-psychotic individuals: Study




fMRI study finds neural correlates to support cognitive model


Researchers at the University of Bergen in Norway have found new support for their theory that cannabis use causes a temporary cognitive breakdown in non-psychotic individuals, leading to long-term psychosis. In an fMRI study published this week in Frontiers in Psychiatry, researchers found a different brain activity pattern in schizophrenia patients with previous cannabis use than in schizophrenic patients without prior cannabis use.


The results reinforce the researchers' model where cannabis users suffering from schizophrenia actually may have higher cognitive abilities than non-cannabis using schizophrenics. This difference may indicate that the cannabis-user group did not have the same mental propensity for psychosis.


"While brain activity for both groups was similar, there are subtle differences between schizophrenia sufferers with a history of cannabis use and those who have never used cannabis. These differences lead us to believe that the cognitive weakness leading to schizophrenia is imitated by the effects of cannabis in otherwise non-psychotic people," explains Else-Marie Loeberg, lead author on the article and associate professor of Psychology at the University of Bergen, Norway.


The 26 patients involved in the study attempted difficult cognitive tasks while in the fMRI machine. They were asked to listen to different syllables in each ear and try to say which syllable was spoken when instructed to concentrate on either the left or right ear-a difficult task for anyone but particularly difficult for schizophrenia patients who often have impaired attention, limited executive functioning and difficulty in processing verbal cues.


The study shows that schizophrenia sufferers with previous cannabis use had consistently higher levels of brain activity while undergoing these tests as well as a higher number of correct answers. These results are in line with previous conclusions from the Bergen researchers who support the idea that cannabis users with schizophrenic characteristics do not appear to suffer from the same neuro-cognitive weaknesses as other patients with schizophrenia.


This implies that it is the cannabis use itself that leads otherwise non-psychotic individuals down the nightmarish path towards schizophrenia by imitating the cognitive weakness that is the main risk factor for developing the psychological condition.




Had trouble understanding this at first. Hopefully not because I have cannabis induced schitzophrenia. First they say schitzophrenics who smoke pot are smarter than schitzophrenics who dont. Then they say its the pot causing schitzophrenia. I wonder if they have entertained the possibility that pot makes people smarter. Sure, according to other studies it temporarily shuts down parts of the brain, but that only forces other parts to become heightened.

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Always someone or somegroup trying to say anything that is enjoyable is not good for you! Alcohol, drugs, sex, fast cars, fast women, fast men, fast food, loud music. Who gives a shit! If you can get past 50 these days your doing ok!.


My rule! Everything in moderation. Except for fast women and fast sex. Or slow sex! :egyptdance:

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I think the logic here is very questionable. It is not clear to me that a difference between schizophrenics with and without prior cannabis use indicates that cannabis caused the schizophrenia in the former. A random sample of the population would probably be around 15-50% prior users, depending on what your technical definition of prior use is. A sample of schizophrenics would, a priori, have about the same sampling. Any statistically significant interaction between cannabis and Schizophrenia would show up at about this rate, even if it were completely non-causal.


In fact, the a priori probability of prior cannabis use in the population is probably HEAPS higher than the base rate of schizophrenia development. So, any real causal connection between cannabis use and schizophrenia would imply that the "prior use" syndrome would FAR outweigh the "non-prior-use syndrome" in their samples of schizophrenics. It doesn't seem that this is the case, so I don't think any claim of causality is justified.

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Yeah strange conclusions drawn from that, maybe I didnt understand. It appears Cannabis alliviates the suffering in a schitophrnic patient, a temporary pyschosis causes by smoking weed non stop for several years maybe?? that might need a fornight off to recover from every now and then. I think stoners call that a tollerance holliday. If u hae a prpensity for scitzoprenia then I might agree with the study. It would be smart for you to monitor your intake as the confusion a stoneover causes in someone with the schizoprenia trait might exacerbate their condition.

They are still afraid that 'they' might make a decision that will 'harm' someone. "They" dont want this to bite them in the arse later. So all of them are looking at every reason why they wouldnt want to do this b4 they concider its worth.

Cold callous pollitical expediancy, at the end of the day a commander and chief would need to execute everyone of his insubordinate Generals if his 'army' is to move forward succesfully.

Surely we have risen above these barbaric standards?

Do the people choose?

Do we have a choice, for if im not free to do with my mind as I see fit then there really is no part of me thats free.

I am a prisoner in someone elses mind! These arent my thoughts!! ... If thats true then Im not culpable, viva le revolution baby.

I-Think-I-can do what ever the fuck I want, My mind set my body in motion, my thoughts set me free.


EDIT: I was looking for somewere to post about this experience Im having.

I have started working a 24 hour rotating shift. At a week at a time I work either 8-5:30, 3:30-12:00 or 12-8:30.

I suffer from an anxienty disorder that if left unchecked leads to depression. So my constant battle is not to get too exhauseted or I get depressed. And depression is like a singualrity, nothing else exsits but the singularity.

Part of what I need to do is smoke cannabis, avoid all high sugar diets incl alcohol.

However smokeing a blend of affi/blue cheese, with prolly more affi. Then having lunch and starting and 8 hour shift in the arvo has done some strange things to my head. Im experiencing an ache inside the head that feels familiar. I remember feeling this when the Drs got my antidepressant pills wrong and I whent a bit loopy.

Recently I think this is a shift in my day time serotonin that i exacerbated by indica variety midday. Trying to shake that off and work 8 hours was fucked. Beyong fucked. I just cant do it. I need some sort of miracle to happen or Im not going to last in my job, Im at the mercy of the god of this universe, Im sure if I dont get rescued from this, then my job is dead in the water and I need options.

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Hiya ItiC- I would ask what importance this job and shifts are in my life and why must I do it if it is going to make me sick.  JI would ask myself if the tenure was necessary to life. then I would ask myself if the position is necessary to my and my family's happiness and contentment.  I would also try to speak with appropriate personnel re shunting around shifts or something?  I understand what you say re depression. 


Hope and Peace. v :sun:

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