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is smoking 2 grams+ per day to much?  

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You can't let other people tell you what's too much.


If you think it is, it is. If you think it isn't, it isn't. It's too subjective mate. :P


I smoke probably a bit more than that normally, but it doesn't mean it's too much. If your smoking prevents you from doing things you'd rather be doing than smoking, then perhaps you are taking too much. If not, then what's the problem? B)

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Its a pretty loose question really 2grams a day of fine hydro usually sees me well but if its low grade buds a lot more maybe 5-8 grams a day, I must be smoking at least 50 cones a day of the low grade stuff from my last crop, so i had to break the piggy bank today fuck around with idiots for a few hours, and walked away with half oz of sweet hydro for $140, and Im really fucken happy tonight. totally ripped
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Sup dudes


for once i agree with luke skywalker , You yourself know how much you can handle before it turns into a bad habbit . ive been having a average of 5 cones a day for god knows how long now and i still mannage to run my buisness when i notice bills come in and work pilling up and i have a bong in my hand , then i know yeah im smoking to much espically if im running behind its time to stop for a while till i get back on track .


thier are other tell tale signs as well espically in the mentall like the easiest thing not making sense and its taking you a bit longer to process shit in your head then yeah bro u need to stop , but like luke said if you can mannage to smoke up 2 grams and still do everything and not have your personal life affected by it or it aint affecting others then whats the problem keep smoking it up :D

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