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A Stupid Dream, That Might Work

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I had a fucking stupid dream last night among other dreams e.g. public exicutions of Jonny,legalisation of weed ect. back to the point I dreamt that I got raided by fat, pink, pig faced coppers lol . As they came in I was running out the back door with a back pack full of bud and my bong while throwing muticoulerd smoke bombs behind me ;) and some how after what felt like runnig about for hours I escaped and then my imagination wonderd onto something eles that I can't remeber. Just hope it dosent come true


Some how I think this might help to escape if you got busted. I mean if the coppers can't see you and are sufficating on smoke while your legging it through the bush whon't make the cops look good will it .The funny thing is you can buy smoke bombs at www.starfireworks.com.au ;)


So whats your oppion, it might work or I just wasted my time writing this?

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