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any information or personal experiance on any of the following products would be unreal to aid my lasted research.


1. ultra sonic fog generator - dry nutrient delivery for roots and leaves


2. ultra sonic noise generator - vibrational wave to open pores of leaves to uptake nutrient faster.


3. quantum field generator- to increase the vibrational frequency of the nutrient to increase faster uptake.


4. Infared CO2 meter - Australian "green air" product that measures exact PPM of co2 in the air.


thanks in advance.



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You're talking about an expensive layout for growing a little mj, I would just increase my crop by a plant or 10, it would be much cheaper.


However, if you do get some of that equipment set up please show us how it works, it will be cheap one day.

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being doing some research on the fog generator. It sounds like a really good way to deliver nutrients to the roots also delivers mould killing agents and insect killing agents very quickly to the grow room, as the particles are that small there is no place for mould spores or insects to hide. Could this be the end for budrot in high humidity areas?



check out this site:-



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Yeah actually, I really like those things too. Are they the ones produceing the mists at less than 20 micron or something stupidly small? Yeah, it's a dry mist, and can be used most effectively for pest/fungal fumigation purposes, and not overly moisten the air or plants.


The quantumponics stuff, man, I'm fairly sure if it was really the great thing it says it is, it wouldn't be as unknown as it is. I've seen many a unit on sale in a trading post, and I'm highly sceptical of anything which won't explain itself in simple, or even understandable terms. I'd forget that one in my opinion mate. But hey, others may think otherwise.


The noise generator sounds interesting, but really, why screw with the pores when the plant is amongst the single fastest growing annual crops in the world... If you need better nutrient uptake, I'd suggest optimising your dissolved oxygen levels in your res, and getting an automated ph monitor/doser. There are some for e.c. as well, which could optimise your grow, but these things cost a fair bit. If you're after something extra in the way of control, they could help squeeze out a bit of faster or better growth from the plants. :)


And yeah, I'd love to have one of those C02 meters too, they look like they've solved the repetitive cost issue with co2 level testing. Still, those things cost a fair bit, and unless you're considering absolutely perfecting your dosage, I'd say you're better off with working out your levels the old fashioned way, with a pen and pencil. Or a calculator if you're so inclined. :) But I suppose there would be a market for this amongst those who like to really ramp the levels to the maximum, keeping the temps and venting all in time and managing it all down to the nth degree. Myself, I just try and keep things in a range as close as possible, but hey, we're all after the best buds. Just depends on how much you're willing to spend I suppose. ;)


Hope that helps jackfrost, let us know how the fogger goes if you get one, or any of the other items too. :) Good luck, and happy shopping :)

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