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Hi everyone,


Im starting a new grow soon as i have tried twice with little sucess due to not having a proper setup or extraction


At the moment im just getting myself organised and thinking what I need to buy, hopefully will have this up and running next week ;)


Im planning on getting a Turbo Tank setup with a 400W HPS and unsure on what strain I will get, maybe Bubblegum or Northern Lights


here is my list so far:

turbo tank setup (includes extraction)




bug strips


grow book


I already have a light and a small osocilating fan & perlite.


If anyone has some into on turbo tanks feel free to post it.


And if I have forgotten anything too please feel free


Look forward to pics next week! lol

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Hmmmm........don't know a hell of a lot about turbo tanks, personally. But I have picked up in discussions on the site that they're not really suitable for growing pot. Some of the other members might be able to chime in here............Or, do a search on turbo tanks onsite, you should pick up a few older topics on it. Personally, I'd be going recirculating or even drippers. Ever tried a wardrobe grow.......? Much cheaper than turbo tanks too, you can set-up a decent grow for under $600 in a cupboard. Cheaper again if you have your lights etc.lol Edited by Chev
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yeah im not too sure about the turbo tanks either, I have done a search and havent found much info on them, except from the guy at the shop (but maybe he's just trying to sell me his shit lol )


I had my last grow in a wardrobe but had heat probs and they died, I would really like to get a set-up like i have from some of the members posts on this site but i dont know much about them & i get confused reading some of the posts on them ;)


Can anyone suggest a simple sort of setup that is easy to follow for a newbie like me? I have a friend who can build a frame for me and can help out in the construction & set-up. I spose I just need a dummies guide ;) ;)

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Hi there lovemebucket. Depending on where ya are, if you're in a cool area of the country like tasmania, or you're growing through the winter months, then yeah, it's possible to grow, and grow really well, using turbo tanks. ;)


However... Turbo tanks are essentially small Nutrient Film Technique hydroponic systems. These are rarely suitable for plants with large root systems, like cannabis. Clones will grow far better than seed grown plants in such systems, as the cloned plant will have a far smaller root system for the amount of vegetation above ground compared to a seedling.


The amount of time required for growth to reach a stage where flowering is possible is also a factor to consider, once again because of the root growth. The longer the plants are grown, the more roots they'll produce to strengthen themselves. As the roots matt up in the guttering/growing tray, the dissolved oxygen levels in the nutrient solution will drop as it goes along the roots. This can get to a point where the roots at the far end of the system are so starved for oxygen, as they've totally matted up and constricted themselves in the small space available to them. Root problems follow low oxygen levels, always.


So yeah, whilst Turbo tanks do have some advantages going for them, like small size, portability, lower head height and easy interchangability of plants, they've got a lot of limitations on them. As a growing system for a newbie, I would not recommend them unless you are growing from clones, are growing fairly small plants, and are growing in an environment which is quite cool. ( >25 c ambient >22c rootzone, you'll also have to maintain the root zone temps very carefully, as small deviations in temp can have drastic effects on the dissolved oxygen levels, and in a system so dependent on them, this is important.)


There are quite a few simple setups that are possible for a hydroponic indoor garden, one of these would be the wicking system, which utilises the ability of some substances to draw water through them from areas of high to low concentration via osmotic pressure. This can be as simple as a large bucket, which has a level of water in the base maybe 10 or 20 cm deep, and a second pot which sits inside the first, so as the bottom level sits above the water line. A cord/wick, usually made of natural fibers, is placed in the pot when initially planting, and this draws through a hole in the base, so as half the cord is inside the pot, surrounded by media, and half is hanging outside, and down into the nutrient solution below.


The water is drawn up as the plant requires it, and all you have to do is make sure the level of nutrient solution in the base container is maintained. This is a simple, effective system, and is very easy to set up and maintain. If you'd like some more information about how to construct one mate, then just ask, and I'll try and get more specific. Maybe even do a pictorial for ya if you like.


Another system that is relatively easy to maintain is the good-ol-handwatered hydroponic system. This can be as simple as a bucket of perlite/vermiculite which has a drain at the base, and is watered daily, or when the plants need it. The drain can be placed slightly above the base of the pot, to leave a reserve of nutrient for the plants to draw on should they need it.


When using a handwatered system tho, you'll still need to apply enough water so that a decent amount runs out of the drain and away. This can be somewhat messy in an indoor grow room, but it could be solved with a large collection container which is emptied via a small pond pump maybe once a week. The reason for using enough water to drain out the base, is to remove excessive salts from the media with each watering. You'll also have ot do a weekly/fortnightly flush with ph adjusted, fresh water, to remove the excess build up too.


Whew. First post today and it's a doooozy. ;) If there's anything I've tried to say that didn't make sense, or you'd like some clarification or designs, etc, just let me know and I'd be most happy to oblige.


One rule I've always tried to maintain in any of my hydroponic systems, and this applies to most gardens too. KISS. Keep It Simple, Stupid. ;) lol


Good luck LoveMeBucket, I'm sure you'll do well in your next foray into the wonderful world of growing your own ganga. ;)

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when I was new to hydroponics, I found the simplest system to understand were bubblers. Just 20L buckets, connected by a pipes at the base. Netpot with clay balls in the lid, airstone in the bottom. There are links on how to build in the Growing FAQ.


or just normal pots filled with perlite and vermiculite hand watered once a day. just like normal pot plants.


dunno about turbo tanks, good for small sog style grow I suppose. you can build your own system a lot cheaper ,and IMO if you don't know enough to build a hydro system you don't know enough to properly manage it and deal with problems as they arise.

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