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Marijuana Legalisation Parties

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So who is the biggest and how many are there? Can they and have they ever proposed uniting under one banner? Politics is all about strength of numbers. Party members, poll results, surveys, mass demonstrations, media coverage. It all comes down to support. GreenPeace is no good. Too many political agendas. Too bad a reputation from idiotic policies. For instance they want to ban nuclear power worldwide when CO2 gases threaten to destroy this planet and nuclear is the only serious alternative to coal. You might disagree with nuclear power yourselves but my point is that a lot of people see it differently. Every policy made alienates a section of the community. To get Marijuana legalised I think a a nationwide marijuana party should stand on a single policy platform of legalisation. Thats it. Nothing else. This gives them a mandate if they should win. That should be the sole purpose of the movement. To get Marijuana completely legal. One mission. One goal. One hope. Right now it looks to me as if marijuana parties are spread all over and divided. lol
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The only nationwide political party that has posted its policy on drugs is the Australian Greens, in fact it is the only nationwide party that has a positive drug policy, all that the Labor and Liberal parties will say is that punishments should be harsher.


However, you need to focus on a state level as that is where the drug policies that effect us are made into law, in my personal opinion as a supporter and founding member of the Greens they have the best chance of doing anything about it as they are not a single issue party and usually pick up a larger percentage of the vote than other smaller groups pushing drug law reform.


The Labor party in WA has made some changes in the laws effecting the possession of small amounts of mj but they have not gone anywhere near far enough in researching these changes as to usage and home growing. This may all change again early next year as WA is heading for an election and if the newly formed (and arguing) Liberal - National Coalition is hoping to win the next election and could end up doing so, that would probably mean that mj users would then be sent into the "justice system" ( ::): ) once again.


Everyone's needs and wants are different, the best thing to do is find the party/independent that has the best over-all policies to suit you and vote for them/him/her

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The Greens are too goody goody. They support all the populist environmental ideologies. Even when they conflict. They were against backburning in NSW and as a result of their pressure on local councils we had some of the worst bush fires in all of recorded history. I was there. Thousands of acres of forest and countless animals destroyed unnecessarily.


They used to paint fur seals red to make their coats useless. This was to try and deter hunters. The coats lost their natural oil and the animals froze to death. The seal hunters would just go kill another colony instead. In effect the Greens helped bring the fur seal closer to extinction.


Decades ago they stopped the recycling of nuclear waste through a mindless fearmongering campaign. As a result of that shortsightedness on their part the cost of nuclear power increased, coal was then favoured in most countries, one in four children in Australia now have asthma, over 10,000 people a year die from coal burning and the ozone layer is disapearing. Now they complain about the expensive storage of nuclear waste. A problem they bloody created.


They are environmental vandals. Not heroes. I could never out of good conscience vote for such stupid people. Even if they do support the decriminalisation of MJ.


Look how they do in elections. Clearly the majority of people feel similarly. Despite the fact that the majority of people to my knowledge support MJ being legalised or atleast being accessible as medicine. We should forget the Greens and sever all ties to them. They are holding legalisation back.


The average voter wanted a Republic but when Johnny Howard gave people a referendum which offered a 'republic from hell' people naturally said no and he called that fixed result a victory. The same thing applies here. People who want MJ legalised will not vote for the Greens just to achieve it. Most people have more commonsense.


I will never ever vote for the greens. Well meaning they might be but that isn't worth shit when their policies are fucked in the head. They haven't a clue about reality. I honestly believe they have done more harm than good.


On its own a legalisation policy would gain the support of everyone sympathetic to our cause. Even disenchanted voters and those who have never before enrolled. Other policies only divide opinions and scare people away.


The only nationwide political party that has posted its policy on drugs is the Australian Greens, in fact it is the only nationwide party that has a positive drug policy


Sounds like we need a new nationwide party then.

Edited by Chong
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Hey Chong


Just to Inform you the greens are not the only party to try and Legalize Weed in Australia As much as Tom will try and debate it with you . Their is a Legalization Party who's sole purpose is to make weed legal . If you recall the last federal ballat they were listed on the votoing form .


Tom and most other members of the green party will refuse thier exestience as most of thier policys came from Leglizations Party Policy's and just added thier bullshit on Grade A drug policy's . yet to see if the greens will also license weed growing like they do with fishing and every other natruall resource in this country . The party's website was posted on this website also beforer the last federal Election .


So no The greens are not the only Leglization Party out thier , thier just trying to cash on poor incersent voters witch are not politicaly Minded and dont know anything else but the greens and thier 450 policy writters whitch all have indiverdual goals in thier mind .However i am not sure what the legalization Party is dooing these days .

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If thats a nationwide party and it is keeping a simple one policy agenda, namely to stop the prohibition, then that sounds like what we need. Providing they have enough bums looking for seats. The more candidates they can put forward the better the result will be. Ofcourse, if I don't see them on my ballot form then I can't vote for them and I'll just vote as I usually do. By scrawling 'Mickey Mouse' at the bottom. The major parties will never get my vote and neither will minor parties with rubbish policies. I'd rather my vote was wasted. I know a lot of people feel the same way. There is nobody worth voting for except maybe this legalisation party. I'll do some searches on them.


thier just trying to cash on poor incersent voters witch are not politicaly Minded and dont know anything else but the greens


Press is everything mate. Good or bad it doesn't matter. You have to make headlines to get noticed.

Edited by Chong
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I'm not a voter, never enrolled and never voted.


As they say

"whoever you vote for, the goverment still gets in"


But yeah greens are idiots, rich "alternative" fuckwits that like taking poor peoples jobs away. Fuck the greens and their braindead followers, they piss me off so much I wanna go outside and cut down some fucking trees.


Greens and other environmentalist fuckwits need to focus on them fucking-selves, I come from the bush, all I can see is fucking trees and wildlife not a city for fucking hours, and trees fucking tons of them, city folk wreck the world, but the environmentalist people like to blame country folk. One tree you cut down in the city is more damaging than fucking 2000 trees chopped down in the bush. Australia is a huge fucking lovely country, the only dirty shitholes is the cities.


These greens sit in there mountain mansions on outskirts of byron bay and think, "oh no, that apartment complex is going to block my ocean views, what is the world coming too?", too stupid to spread themselves out. Thats what ya all get for being extroverts. Man I ramble. :)



Vote 1 Fast Buck$ 84

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Right on man.


You ever run as an independant in my electorate and you have my vote!


Look at One Nation. A few good ideas but mostly daft policies that probably wouldn't ever work. They were all amateurs but they tried hard. Still got a hell of a lot of votes in their first election. Because most people saw them as gutsy opposition to multiculturalism. It was a single policy which mustered a quarter of the electorates support. Thats a staggering result. It took racist accusations and the combined power of both major parties to pull them down. Even then it took every dirty political trick and even locking up Pauline Hanson. Why? Because ON got so much press. The more underhanded the coalition and labour became in trying to destroy this grassroots movement the more press ON got. The government and labour won in the end as they always do but it goes to show whats achievable if you have a single popular yet controversial policy and are willing to speak out.


All we need is a huge publicity stunt. Someone setting themselves on fire in Flinders Street or crashing a plane into Canberra would achieve that but I don't think it would help with support. You have to tap into an existing concern. Something dear to peoples hearts or of major concern to their pockets. Maybe something they feel to be threatening. Nobody likes the thought of Big Brother taking away our rights but I don't think that angle is going to reach people strongly enough. The public has become blase about drug busts. Medical marijuana might be the answer. Everyone with even half a brain supports treatment for the sick. Depriving people of affordable and effective medicine simply because it would undermine an idiotic prohibition is wrong. Anyone can see that if its explained to them in simple plain english.

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Sup guys


Luke Greenpeace and The Greens may be separate enteritis but they still work with another to achieve the same objectives. Hence why either political Entity is not liked



Chong: I’m not going to preach to you on how to vote mate, but it sounds like you have some series issues to bring up from your chest. Instead of holding them in and planning another 9/11. Wright into your Local Mp's and express your opinions in a much nicer and polite tone of course , despite what you think of their parties, You will be surprised on what response you will get and the action they will take upon on even the most odd complaint , request or idea .


If your still not happy start doing your own Political lobbying on your issues witch you feel need to be addressed. Then you will see some of the bullshit and hard work politicians put up with even greens especially when the pay is $0 and you’re expected to provide your own campaign funding. I'm in totally agreement with you and Cluster that the green's are a waist of Australians Voters time and insult their own voters Intelligence. but I still vote on one of the majors not for the sake of having a swing vote but to able to have the right to Address Issues witch concern me and others putting in donkey votes dose not give you that privilege hence why I never put in a donkey vote .


Just a thought mate and also Of course any publicity is good publicity if your a performer or actor but when your trying to make a series political statement bad publicity is bad look at what u think of the greens for example . Don’t be turned off by the Social Injustice in this country. Keep strong and make sure your voice is heard it’s the only way to change our future into a positive one after all it’s our right as Australian citizens to question our leaders.



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