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Indoor/outdoor Can This Be Done?


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Hello everyone,If i start indoors can i take outdoors to flower this time of year and how big do they need to be before i turn over to flowering?Im looking towards 1-2 ounces per plant,Im thinking when the size of a brick,Or will it be better to finish indoors aswell?Maybe 8 weeks of growth what do youse think?Help will be great stoners thanks
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Hey big smoker,


Mate there is no problem whatsover in takin it from indoors to out. In fact its the perfect time to do it. The days are getting shorter ;)


Are you in a frost free area?


If so, veg it for as long as ya like. I'd suggest to a hight of 2 to 3 ft. They will still grow during flowering.


You'd be better to bring the light hours down gradually, say a couple hours a night until you are just about in tune with the natural photo period.


By going from 24 hrs light to straight outdoors you are more than likely to shock the plant. It won't kill it but will slow it up a little.


If it is a hot day when you decide to move them, keep it in the pot under the shade of a tree. This is just to help the plant adjust to the sun.


Any more queeries just ask man. lol




I'm currently doing the same thing with Thunder x NL#5 , Thunder x AK47 and Afghani.

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