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Plants Getting Eaten.

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ok i got a couple plants going outside but they are being eaten up a bit by what look like big grasshoppers and god knows what other weird queensland bugs (i just move to brissy from canberra...fuck the bugs are huge up here lol).


Can anyone help me with whats best to put on my plants to keep the bugs away, i want something safe and organic that wont fuck up the taste or anything. I had planned on smokin these buds so i dont want nasty chemicals in em.




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I dont know much about growing outdoors but i was in the same situation very recently. Im sure one of the other members could answer your question. I myself would build a wooden frame (1metre squared x 2 metres high) and cover it with fly screen mesh (to combat against caterpillas and other leave eating pest) but thats just a suggestion.


~ peace

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Gudday fnord'


Good to see there's still a few of us rock ape outdoor growers around lol


Yep we breed em big up here in qld. Every year i get hit with grass hoppers and leaf hoppers.


i've found the simplist and most effective form of pest control for hoppers is good old fasioned 'tomato dust'


The best thing about this stuff is it has a witholding period of only 3 days,

and doesn't leave any sort of taste providing you don't apply it 2 weeks prior to harvest, at this point all your plant should be getting is straight water anyway. This flushes out any nutes that have built up in the plant system.


How far into bud are they?

Do the buds look like they're getting eaten too?


IMHO building a screen to keep bugs away is a unessessary and very unstealthy method of pest control.


Best of luck with it man and keep us posted how things are goin.



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Bad luck mate. You have decided to grow in the midst of a Locust plague. Out west you'd be walking on a carpet of the fuckers. They eat everything green and are devastating every crop imaginable. Only thing you can do is cover your plants with mesh. Make a greenhouse. Its damn near a state emergency for queensland farmers only just recovering from drought. Could be a lot more coming soon mate.
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We should be pretty rite for the rest of the season chong.


There's been enough rain in the last few months to keep the little fuckers at bay. The cooling of the season tends to slow em up a bit too :D


I'm actually finding moths are prolific at the moment. each day i'm finding moths and grubs in my mother unit.


I was thinkin of hangin a bug zapper in the unit. can anyone see any problems with this idea?

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Apart from the murder of Gods little creatures? Nah. Not a thing. Where the fuck do you grow man? Moths and grubs? I'm guessing your mother unit isn't in a cupboard. Sorry, that's a bit nosy. If you are growing outside then a frequent bright blue electrical discharge over your biggest plant isn't recommended.


I think any electrical discharge creates ozone so it could help with the odour too.

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