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Guest BudWaver

which strain...did you use gel or powder..are you trying to clone them aeroponically, in perlite, in rockwool, in grow cubes...


They should be rooting in 7 days if your using small cubes...7-14 for larger cubes....


3 weeks.....whoa....


But things can go wrong and if ya give us more detail we will be able to help you...



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Yeah, as BW has said, we need some more information.


3 weeks, well, it's possible, some strains just don't like to. But yeah, most will root in 7-14 days depending on strain/method/and environmental considerations.


Let us know everything about the process, the environment around the clones, and the appearance of the clones themselves.


That said, it's a heck of a lot easier to get good diagnoses through pics. But I'll assume you don't have one. It's almost unbelieveable how cheap a decent one is nowadays tho.


Anyway, get back to us Italian gardener, and we'll see what we can do for ya. lol

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If your cloning in rockwool cubes , make sure they are not too wet , I like to have them so they are just a wee bit heavier than a dry cube where as you just run your finger across the top of the cube and its moist .

If your cubes are too wet it can can cause all sorts of problems .

And when they get a bit dry just dip the bottom of the cube about 1/2 in the water for only a second .


I have found liquid Rootex (yellow bottle) to be very good as a cloning dip .

In hot areas I found the gels caused damping off , didnt like it at all .


Like the guys said 7 to 14 is average time , under perfect conditions I have had some clones root in 4 days , but most are around 9 days .


3 weeks , something is wrong .



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Guest Wilderbud
Clones root quickest when the medium is moist, dark and warm and the light is 24/0 and not intense - see if you can work something out to achieve this and you wont have to wait a long time when cloning. lol
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Well, First thanks for all the replies!


Second, i really should get some pics! sorry!


This is how i've done it!


Cut from the mother, about 4 to 6 inches long, stem still green and fresh, i would usally cut from the bottom but some are from the top of the plant!


They all have a nice new shoot and look like good canidates for clones.


Soak the small rock wool cubes in water for 24 hours at a ph of 5.5


Dip the stems in gel rooting solution, but not to much!


Squeeze the excess water from the cubes, poke a hole and insert the cuttings.


Put in a moisture dome under 95w compact flouro.

Dome is always moist, and i open it for fresh air 3-5 times a day.


My first two attempts took 3 weeks but they are now doing well and buding nicely!


I now have ten on the go and they have taken 4 weeks or so! With little roots just starting.


Oh ya all i know about the strain is its indica and its called chocolate chunk!


Hope thats enough to come up with somthing.


Cheers, Mama Mia!! :lol:

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Guest BudWaver

Hey dere...I dont think you should be opening up that clone cabinet till they have rooted and really need that oxygen flow...they need high humidity till they have rooted...


Chocolate chunk...nice!


Have you got a heater pad underneath them? If its too cold they will take longer. Dont spray the leaves as your trying to encourage them to develop roots and they do this by searching for water/food (over simplification) If you spray the leaves and give them nutes then you arent forcing them to root fast....


I only take from the top of the plant....but thats my choice...I like fat stemmed clones. Also if you put too much gel or hormone on them they take longer to root...ie instead of putting hormone on 1cm of the stalk you put it on 1 inch thats one inch of stalk that its trying to grow roots from...just imho

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