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How To Grow Hydro This Time Of Year?


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Hello everyone,Just wondering if and how ya can grow this time of year indoors?Can you use air con/water cooler/fans etc if using roughly 3000watts,I know that that room needs to be at 30 degrees roughly is this correct?Can it be done this time of year or better waiting for Winter?I have been told air con is no good as the gases will kill the babies,What do you oz stoners think?any help will be great,Thanks and good luck :D
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3000w in summer would certainly require air conditioning. I don't know of too many grows of that size that could survive without it, particularly in an OZ summer.


Why you'd need 3000w of indoor lighting for personal consumption is beyond me tho. :)


The gases in airconditioning are not the issue, it's the drying effect on the air. Airconditioners remove moisture from the air, so they can lower humidity levels drastically, and this should be factored into the GR design. Most airconditioners nowadays are HEPA filtered and actually remove 99.9% of airborne particles. But not all.


I'd say either invest the farm in the thing, buying good airconditioning, ventilation, and plant management systems, as you're going to have a bitch of a time maintaining 3000w of lighting over what I'm assuming will be many plants without some sort of automation going on. :D


Temps can go to around 30 and still get good growth rates, you'll need a fair amount of water and venting to keep that temp tho, and the plants might not like it. If you're investing that much, you may as well purchase a reverse cycle air conditioner which can maintain a temp of around 25-27 instead, as that's a far better growing temp for the plants. ;) You may as well, if you're spending that much on lighting you should really be going the whole hog on environmental/climate control.


I personally think you're nuts, but that's just me. ;) :D

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The lights i have already,I mean i will start off with a 1000 watt mh then when they start to flower i will add 2 600 hps and a 400 hps if needed, Does this sound better Luke?What do youse think 2800 watts is to much?The air con i have is not brand new,Anyone help will be great :D
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