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State Flying Squad


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I was reading about some busts in Gympie following a Drop in a Druggie campaign by the Southern Region Pigs. It mentioned they had support from the State Flying Squad so I did a bit of a search on these dickless wonders and found a couple of links worth sharing. They have 14 officers to cover all of Queensland and were formed only recently by that midget Peter Beattie.


Alternative News.



Now this article below might seem unrelated but its actually both relevant and bad news in my opinion. To help with policing overseas places like the Solomon Islands a large flying force is being set up composed of federal police. The reason being that we already send flying police overseas to assist in aerial searches and they often have to give evidence in courts which is extremely time consuming. I think having a 500 strong flying group to solely take care of these foreign matters means the home flying squads will have more time to swoop on innocent pot growers. This story is only dated 2 feb this year.


NineMSN: 500 strong international flying force.


The State Flying Squad has laid 226 charges and assisted local police in operations to lay 778 charges for crimes including murder, assault, drugs and property offences during 2003 and that is taken from the first article dated 13/05/03!!!!


I don't know what other aerial units the cops have but its safe to assume they have access to various traffic choppers and atleast a couple of lightplanes. I do remember seeing this information some place so I'll try and find it again.

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Guest Wilderbud

Not good!


I was outside last week smoking up next to my plant and seen a plane up in the sky - next thing i knew it had circled and flew 50M over my house. I hope it wasnt a drug detection as its a breach of privacy IMO and Id like to think my tax goes to better things [ie decriminalization of marijuana use/cultivation].

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"Professor, would you say it's time to panic?"


"Yes I would Kent."


I think its time you had a small backgarden burn mate! Cut up your pride and joy and smoke it. Better yet take it to a mates place if its in a pot or just take the smoke. That sounds extremely suss. Unless you live next to a landing strip I'd say they were taking a closer look. The cops use light planes for drug spotting. Tidy up quick.

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We grow an illegal weed. Of course they're gonna try and bust us. It's fucked, but its the way things are.


If you're an outdoor grower like myself you gotta expect those vultures in the sky to try and drop a big shit on ya.


The only thing you can do is try and stay one step ahead of the maggots.


Make the effort to use stealth in every aspect of you growing.


If you get caught with a plant in ya back yard its ya own fuckin fault,

you knew the risks when you first planted that seed.


I have been growin outdoors now for goin on 10 years. In that time i've probably seen hundreds of choppers and planes flyin overhead whilst carrying my watering can.

During that time i have not been raided once.....so don't freak out too much guys.

Even if they are going on a flying weed hunt, they are looking for the cash

crops, not our personal grows :)

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