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Found this in a search on crop detection. A US company was testing it back in 2000.


Spectral Camera Spots Marijuana Plants from High Elevations.

Wednesday, June 7, 2000

New method for the automatic detection of marijuana crops using an aircraft-mounted sensor. This represents a tremendous advance over current visual inspection methods. It can identify crops that are often cultivated in dense forests and other hard-to-reach areas. Based on a Hyperspectral Sensor System, which ORINCON developed with Rancho Bernardo, Calif.-based Surface Optics Corporation, the new “pot-buster” camera can detect marijuana plants from an elevation of 5,000 feet, and from several hundred yards on the ground, against a backdrop of heavy vegetation. This sophisticated technology can even differentiate a marijuana plant from hemp, a similar, but legal plant used to make rope and clothing.


“We have developed powerful software techniques and digitally enhanced high-resolution images to provide law enforcement officials and environmental agencies with an edge,” said Dr. Dan Alspach, President and CEO of ORINCON. “This is a sophisticated, clever tool that has far-reaching uses. We plan to use our expertise in digital signal processing and data fusion to further enhance the capability of this system.”


The Hyperspectral Sensor System works by breaking portions of the optical spectrum into as many as 30 unique colors at a rate of 30 times per second. First, the instrument quantifies the spectral energy in each image and then uses this to build a matched filter “tuned” to the specific target. For marijuana detection, the image is processed further to yield a clear feature identification of the illegal activity.




Remote Sensing: Fluorescence Methods.

Here's something the bastards are working on. Scroll about half way down the link to find this brief statement.




The fundamental hypothesis is that weed or marijuana plants have something unique about their spectral, spatial, temporal, or bidirectional reflectance characteristics. We are exploring these domains via laboratory, field, and airborne measurements.


Knowledge of the differences in leaf reflectances is a useful starting point when looking for features to discriminate between species using spectral remote sensing. The amount of variability and the significance of the variability within and among species is still not understood.



Marijuana Garden.



September 14, 2003


Technology firms began to develop radar equipment in the 1980s that could detect marijuana from the air. But despite some successes in early trials, the use of such equipment is not widespread.


"It's not quite there yet," Bauer said. "Right now the most effective method we have is the human eyeball."


Distinctive Green.

October 30, 2002

The plantation in Klickitat County was discovered by police flying over the area searching for patches of the distinctive green of marijuana leaves, but once it was identified, drug enforcement agents had to decide how to proceed. The garden they saw from the air was in a ravine, and Anderson said when he was flown over it, even when it was pointed out it was hard to see.




Fuck. I'm glad Australia doesn't have the police manpower to waste on this shit. Its good this country is so bloody big too. Still helps to know whats available though. Keep your plants spread widely apart and in haphazard fashion guys. Use tree canopies and thick foliage. Above all don't draw attention to yourselves. The cops don't have many choppers and this is a big land. :D

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Yeah, but I'd wager we don't have that tech here. And if we do, it would only be used where previous intelligence has acertained a high probability of sucess.


Thanks for that tho, it's interesting.


This quote got me tho...

This sophisticated technology can even differentiate a marijuana plant from hemp, a similar, but legal plant used to make rope and clothing


Uh, no, hemp is not legal in the states. It's very illegal, and it's the same species. To say it's just a "similar" plant is to say that a tomatoe with big fruit is a different species/family than a tomatoe with small ones. :D


It's this kind of sutble lies that are used on the US public which confuses them. The Gov doesn't differentiate between hemp and cannabis, it can't. The whole basis of prohibition would crack asunder should that happen in the States. Here, similar effects will happen. Once hemp is a legal crop here it's the end of prohibition. Maybe not immediately afterwards, maybe not in 10 years, but one day.


Which is why I'm so keen to see the hemp agricultural bills to pass through WA parliament. :D


Thanks again chong.

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I think its doomed to failure mate. They have been testing Hemp in Australia for years now. Why I have no idea. Its usefulness was proven centuries ago. Trialling it when we already know everything there is to know about is just a deliberate time wasting tactic. They are growing it in the worst possible locations such as arid areas without enough water. As if it was Olives being trialled. Marijuana is a water hungry plant and not a desert type like that. This is so they can say it is unsuitable for Australian conditions and abandon the project in accordance with American wishes while appearing to be doing legitimate studies.


This plant has been grown successfully for thousands of years. It was the number one cash crop in the US before the Marijuana Tax Act was introduced and farming was bled out of existance. They already KNOW what it is capable of and want to make sure it never competes against other products. Too many people have too much to lose. Did you know that every President of the US in recent decades has owned shares within the pharmaceutical industry. That business is predominantly anti-depressants and painkillers. If everyone could grow pot they would lose 70% or more of their trade. There are a million uses for industrial Hemp and smokable Marijuana.

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