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Where To Buy Envirolites?

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High there bongmeister, welcome to Oz Stoners. :D


I'll move this to the lighting forum, it seems more appropriate for this question. Feel free to introduce yourself in the Dr Livingston forum as well. ;) :D


Anyway, as to the envirolights, check out this thread by Kimba... Low watt lights... ;)


Not too sure if you'll have much luck tho. As kimba seemed to have had some trouble. You may manage if you order from O/S, but I'm not sure about that either.


I know this didn't help much, but I'll offer it anyway, and welcome you once again to Oz Stoners. :)

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Whilst searching for the elusive envirolite, I found that hydrocentre($95) and also reefonline.com.au($67 in victoria) sell the "spectrum" brand 130w cf.


Reefonline checked with the manufacturer for me and found that the "spectrum" light only puts out 5800 lumens, as opposed to the envirolites alleged 12500 lumens.


So I did some research on cf's. I found that a cf with built in ballast seems to have a max 60 lumens/watt, but the ones with seperate ballasts go up to about 75 lumens/watt. :P F**ks me how they get so many lumens out of the envirolite!


I also found that the higher the wattage of the cf with built in ballast, the less lumens per watt you get! The 18w cfs seem to be about the most efficient and cost effective( lumens/$) without using too many lights.


I'm planning for my veg box (a cardboard box 2ftx1ftx2ft high) to use 10 of the 18w philips(total 10800 lumens-thats 1080 lumens each) which will give me 5400 lumens/sq ft - which isnt too bad. :)


Bunnings sell the philips 18w cool daylight (about 6500K) for under $6, throw in a bayonet fitting $3.50, unless you want to convert them to hard wired.


While they are growing im planning to convert a dresser into a flowering chamber -Throw in a 150w - 250w hps and im set for flowering.


btw, never did find the envirolite here!! But i did find a place ecogrow.com that apparently has distributors here in oz. Waiting on a reply from my email to find out where exactly and whether they stock the envirolite.

Will let youse know when i do.

After all that I need a cone! :)

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Dont expect to much from these lights and remember you need 3-4 of them to equal a 400 Son T Agro .


They run cool because they are only 130watts , but when you say cool , thats abit misleading because even though you can touch them they are still quite hot to where you couldnt grab and hold them


To equal a 400 watt SonTs light output you will need 3 envirolights min and probably need 4 in reality , and I reckon if you multiply the heat of one by 4 you will probably find its about the same heat or not much lower imput to your room as a single 400 Watt .


Because the single envirolight is cooler than a single 400 you can have them closer , so you would need to measure light output at 50mm with the enviro and at 250mm with the 400 to workout how many you need and there placement , to get the best penetration


The only advantage I can see over HID lighting is that you can have many more light sources which is a good thing as multiples will always be better than a single light source .


A nice sweet spot as far as lighting goes in a 2mtr X 2mtr room is 9 x 400watt or 6 X 600watt and if you want to use enviros instead you would need about 36 of them in a 2x2 room to get the same result .


Its all about lumens (light output ) , you can veg grow under very low light and the plants will look great , just like an indoor rubber plant , no demand is easy growing , if you want solid tight buds you need light , as much as you can get while keeping the heat in check , and now the demand on the plant is way up you need to know what you are doing to get the best from them .


These lights are good but they will only give you about a 3rd of what a Son T agro will on a 1 to 1 basis , use them on a 3 to 1 HID scale and they will work great .



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130 Watt Florescent lighting

These 130W fluros are a great way to get light to the plants,

with none of the heat associated with grow lighting


  • less heat means less ventilation - great for small spaces
  • closer to plant means intensity is high enough to achieve growth and flowering (a virtual 200 to 300 Watt light intensity)
  • Available in a grow and flower spectrum
  • No ballast necessary
  • can fit into normal hydroponic reflectors (40mm screw fitting)
  • 240Volt
  • Fantastic for side-lighting or underneath canopies of plants.
  • Each of these Envirolites draw only 95 watts but are producing 8,900 lumens virtually without heat, and are in practice equal to at least 250 watts of metal halide. A wide variety of plants thrive under this intense but cool sunshine.
  • SUPERIOR COLOR SPECTRUM: Perfectly formulated for growth (CFL Envirolite 6400K) and flower (red Envirolite 2700K). Performs like no other!
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT: For the nominal draw of 95 watts, you get 8900 lumens that run cool enough to hang right on top of the plant. Remember, light diminishes exponentially as you move that hot HID further away from the leaves and flowers
  • COOL, LOW-HAZARD BULB: HID systems run extremely hot, ballast and bulb, potentially burning leaves and requiring far more ventilation. Envirolites are so cool that the bulb can actually hang in the branches!
  • TRUE ENVIROLITE LOGO: CE certified to maintain spectral output intensity for 10,000 hrs.
  • as a supplement to grow lights to maximise production without increasing heat build up or running costs.

  • Specifications:
  • Each 125w lamp returns over 10,000 lumens
  • Generates far less heat than any HPS or MH light
  • High efficiency energy saving bulbs
  • Ideal for propagating, vegetative and flowering stages
  • Available in 6100K (Blue Spectrum) & 2700k (Red Flowering Spectrum)

A great light but like Rod has been said, it just WONT compare to HID. But its ideal for cloning, veg or small grows, or small areas.

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