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My Plants Are Gone :(


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Hey everyone ,im in a fucking bad mood,i had my outdoor plants ripped B) when i went to water plants they had been ripped out and a note left by the police (fucking cunts)i really needed this, i had skunk#1 big bud n/l in flowering :P lucky they didnt bust me, fuck i hate this, 1st one indoors i was lagged,2nd was this, this is fucked, thanks to everyone that tried helping me i thank you for that but thats it for me all gone :P ciao goodluck to everyone
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the letter said to whom it may concern.,police took from your possession a substanced alleged to be cannibis (no shit) police intend to take samples of the substance and may destry the remainder it is the intension of police to have samples analysed by a qualified botanist from the state forensic science centre (fucking idiots B))sufficient samples have been taken to allow u 2 have your own analyst undertaken at youe expence should u desire to have your own analysis undertaken,please contact 1 of the officers listed below within 14 days (they fucking wish dogs)of reciving this notice,response to this notice is not an admission of guilt (yeah right ) i have still have 1 baby out the back :P

but very pissed about the others :P hope all of youse have better luck than me ciao

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