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I gained a clone of G13, which I deliberately light poisoned. It grew a few stunted looking male flowers. I collected the pollen and fertilized a couple of buds of my best Bubblegum. It now appears that fertilization has occurred.


My question is, has anyone experience or knowledge of how prone to being hermie the G13 normally is ?


This is the first time I've worked with it, and it seemed quite willing to throw a few flowers. I'm wondering if this is not normally the case when its grown in the normal manner. Other strains I have worked with in the past, have not shown such a ready willingness to go this way.

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I can't say I've got any experience with g13, so I can't answer your question unfortunately....


However, I have one of my own... Why would you do this? B) Aren't the progeny going to be significantly affected adversely? Or have you had good results from the seed of such similar crossings?


As I understand it, it's very hard to get a good seed from a hermie plant, even if it is an otherwise normal female which has been affected to throw male flowers... But I will easily defer if you've done this before to good effect. :P


Just wondering Spurious... were you that desperate to cross em that you couldn't plant out some seedlings and save a male or two? Or no seed to do so?

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Well, I'm delighted to come back to this thread to inform everyone that the procedure was a complete success. I only got 17 viable seeds from it, but every single one ended up as 100% female, with no problems of recurring hermie behaviour.


The plants displayed a close range of similarities between both parents.


Next time, I will further painstakingly collect as much female pollen as can be harvested, and try out some different strains of mothers.

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