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Vegg / Flower

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have two cuboards, both are 3 ft. by 2 ft. by 4 ft. tall


in one i would like to have a 430 to 600w hpd agro bulb is that what is necassary to veg or is that for flowering


if so, what would be the best light in each cuboard


one is for growing and one for flowering


maximum yield

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Guest Wilderbud
I suggest 250W MH for grow and 400W HPS for bloom [NB I didnt say SonT for bloom - its best left for dual-purpose apparently although Im slightly scheptical]. This should be more than enough lighting but wait for others to argue about this hehe. B)
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mate I would agree with Wilderbud, 250W MH for veg and 400HPs or Son-T-Agro for flower. You'll need to get a fast finishing short indica to fit in a 4ft high cabinet I reckon. 600Watts would be nice, but I think is a little too big for that space. You will find it difficult to keep heat under control I think.
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B) hey ya from tassie devil with regards to the light and cupboards for a long time now i have been using a 600watt hps lucagrow and turbo tank in a standard wardrobe 6x4x2 approx I have had to fit a 20cm exhuast fan in the top of the wardrobe to move heat , it works a treat constant temp on average about 23 to 26 degrees C. I have also used an under bed storage bin plastic 40 litres its about it measures approx 100cm x50cmx 22cm in height with a small recirc pump. drill a hole in one end of the top of the bin , drill some holes in the other end for draining nutes into tank , fit pump with 21 cm peice of garden hose to a t peice fitted into lid of under bed storeer fill with nutes and presto an instant nft system styled on a turbo tank works great for rockwool, and you can Clone with one, also grow veg and also finnish in one depending on the size you want to grow them I have a clones develop enough in 10 days to commence flowering but a little longer helps increase yeild you can easy grow 6 ladies up to 41/2 feet any taller and they scorch but it is handy if you have a good clone you can fit 10 plants to yeild 50gs each finnished no worries Cost wardrobe $50.00 light kit compleate 600watt son t plus reflector $269.00 Pump $22.00 under bed storer $9.00 from Kmart and it clones plants can have roots in only 4 days + it vegatates plants and thats not all you can grow heads to in your bedroom discreetly and with little fuss all for less than the price of an oz if you would like any futher info get in touch and i will be glad to help cheers tassie devil
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