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Some Good Books I Like

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Marabou Stork Nightmares - Irvine Welsh


Fucked up story about a fucked up guy, irvine welsh has a nasty fucking mind, at the same time as very clever, hard to follow, alot is written the way glaswegian folk speak, I dinnae ken alot of his shit at first, But it all starts soaking in, cant help reading his books with a scottish accent in ya head. Hes best shit is the non-drug (or less-drugs) stuff I reckon. Sick ending.


10 cones


Filth - Irvine Welsh


Even more fucked up story about a more fucked up guy, This is a detective story, the most fucked up detective story ever, the main focus being his declining genital health and the huge tape worm inside him, very fucking evil man and even sicker ending than the book above.


9 cones


Sleepyhead - Mark Billingham


Good quick thriller, I like all thrillers, the twist in this one is the fact its not a serial killer, anyone he kills he has failed with, he wants his victims comatose for life, so a serial-brain damager. good light reading. Scaredy Cat is good book too.


6 cones


Kiss the Girls - James Patterson


This movie sucked arse, it was tame as piss, but the book is pretty cool, the snake up the arse bit is pretty nasty, this book is fucking real good eh, only takes a few hours but there no chance of putting it down whilst reading it. real quick, reads like a movie in your head. never liked his other books though.


9 cones


Birdman - Mo Hayder


Another thriller/detective story, some nice twists again to make it different, this is a necrophilia one, my fave topic, called birdman cos the guy sews birds into girls chests to make it sound like a heartbeat, not as nasty as it sounds, but a good light read.


7 cones


The Teachings of Don Juan - Carlos Castaneda


a tripping story about drugs and shamanism, need to be a tripping person to like this one, and reading with hallucinigens will definately help, no dope, just datura, peyote, mushrooms, etc... anyway wierd book, mostly descriptions of hallucinations, don juan is not really real. its all made up, but mr castaneda certainly has some experience with drugs.


8 cones


HP Lovecraft - all of em.....


HP Lovecraft kicks arse, the only fantasy shit i get into is the cthulu mythos, real tripping stuff, cant be explained in short, the short story "the outsider" is a fave, very edgar allen poe-ish, but all the shit he makes is great, boring old pre 1950's style writing, over descriptive and proper english and all that, but tripping stories. and no the necronomicon does not exist, no matter how convincing he makes it sound.


9 cones


Douglas Adams - Hitchhikers guide to galaxy.


the 4 now 5 part trilogy, only books that make ya laugh out loud every page, you know them, if ya havent read them do so.


8 cones


Marching Powder - Rusty Young


This book is fucking amazing, definately the best autobiography or biography I read ever, maybe even the best book i read, its really fucking good book, about a cocaine smuggler called thomas McFadden from england who ends up in a Bolivian Jail, the jail is fucking wierd, gotta pay for everything, have to pay bond on your cell and buy each meal from a restaurant, etc.. and they kep there wives and children in jail with them, anyway great story, amazingly written by a young aussie bloke who became friends with thmoas when he was running tours of the prison, its about cocaine not pot, but excellent book, highly highly fucking recommended. gives alot of incite into how to smuggle unlike howard marks rip off book, the main character thomas isnt the nicest guy, but friends like jack the mexican, anyway its uplifting happy positive type book.


10 cones


Snow Blind - Robert Sabbag.


An excellent biography of another cocaine smuggler, this book is fairly old, but still good, learn alot about how you "could've" smuggled cocaine once, little help these days, but still a good read, and not the typical dealer biography, good book.


7 cones


Smoke Screen - Robert Sabbag.


This ones about a pot smuggler, allen long, good story, alot more involved with the importing than Mr Nice, basically flying planes fulla dope from colombia/mexico to USA, not as good a book as snowblind, but maybe cos i read snow blind first. still good book, erqual but different to mr nice in the best weed smuggler book.


6 cones


Killing Pablo - Mark Bowden


About the cops and there hunt for super-kingpin pablo escobar, not a bio of pablo himself but a crime book, but pablos life is unfolded like evidence being discovered through the book, really well written and shit, gets a bit boring in parts, but overall good book.


8 cones.


A Child Called It - Dave Peltzer


Another autobiography, this one is of a kid who was abused by his mother, but not abused like all them whinging cunts saying "ooohh my life was sooo hard", this guy had it fucked, his mother wanted him dead, while treating her other children reasonably, she starves her son and makes him eat from babies nappies, makes him drink disinfectant, burns him, bashes him, and always calls him "it", noone gives a shit about the poor cunt either, fucking sad book, If you dont feel bad for him your antisocial psychopath and need head checked, the other 2, a man called dave and forget the other, are crap, just about his struggle to become a confident nerd and help other abused cunts.


9 cones


Ghost Girl - Torey Hayden


A biography, this book is the most disturbing thing you will ever read, written by a special ed. teacher about a autistic girl who dont speak and they think is crazy, always says strange satanic things until the author speaks more with the girl and finds out she is being molested as part of satanic rituals, this book will scar your brain forever, and leave you feeling sick for a week, has a fair bit of detail, its a fucked up fucking story. Poor Jadie, there isnt any chance for her unlike the "it" boy.


8 cones


Shadow of Shame - Bob Bottom.


Heavy Heavy crime reading, not non-fiction, but police report style shit and investigative reporting.

Anyways its about the Donald Mackay assassination, and the hunt for Robert Trimbole, its 100% focussed on the actual murder and not the collombeally plantations or Mr Asia syndicate, etc... So would bore anyone else to tears probably, but if you like mafia/detective stories that play an important role in australias cannabis history, you might like it.


6 cones


Books of Blood 1 to 6 - Clive Barker


Best short horror stories, Clive Barker is the best I reckon, I always loved his shit since young, especially these, The yattering and Jack is my favourite story in them, excellent books. Best novels of his be the hellbound heart, and the great and secret show.


10 cones.


Insomnia - Stephen King


Loved him as a kid, this one is the best I reckon, Or the shining, or the stand, but read this one cos the rest are all bad movies already, this ones a trip, cos it strange to get a book from the perspective of really fucking old people, anyways, i get scared of my balloon string getting cut.


7 cones


On The Road - Jack Kerouac


This book shows people in the olden days we're just like people nowadays, this bok is old as shit, but real fucking punk in a way. The author uses some cool language, and whole book is written like one sentence, the story is irrelevant, cool freedom loving characters road-tripping round the USA, somewhere between huter s thompsons "fear and loathing" and the britney spears movie crossroads.


7 cones.


A Clockwork Orange - Anthony Burgess


Good Book, and the movie didnt suck for this one, my fave movie, anyways the language is more fucked up in the book, hard to make sense sometimes it sounds like shakespear almost, they still "give it the ol' in-out in-out, real savage" B) I love the whole Clockwork Orange idea.


8 cones.


and thats all i can think of off top of head, theones i cant remember musnt have been that good or i woulda remembered.

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Matthew Reilly is a very good action author. his books, someday, will be the basis for many movies to come. his first book, Contest, already has had its movie rights sold.


his best three: Contest, Temple, and Ice Station.


i'll agree with you on Hitchhiker's white cluster, that is an awesome trilogy. well, a trilogy of 5 parts... lol


the book i'm starting on now is The Biggest Secret by David Icke. if anyone hasnt read this book, is strongly advised to do so. it contains a whole new way of perceiving the world. trust me after reading that book you'll never look at the world the same.

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Neuromancer-William Gibson. The original cyber punk novel, old school but still very good.


Snowcrash-Neal Stephenson. A very 90's future, but cool none the less.


Schismatrix/Schismatrix plus-Bruce Sterling. My favourite.


A Green light-? Very cool Aussie crime novel.


The Long Green Shore-John Hepworth. WW2 Aussie book, only printed in the early 90's. As good as "All Quiet on the Western Front". Literature.


Cross of Iron-? WW2 German soldiers in Russia. Very good.


Red dirt marijuana-Terry Southern. Short stories, good.


So many good books, so little time!

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white_cluster - awesome list man!


i haven't read as much books as i should or would like to. here's a few i recommend..



earth - david brin


fight club - chuck palahuniuk


requiem for a dream - hubert selby jr.


food of the gods - terence mckenna


stupid white men - michael moore


fear and loathing in las vegas - hunter s. thompson


trainspotting - irvin welsh


american psycho - brett easton ellis


high priest - timothy leary


cannabis cultivation - mel thomas


red dragon - thomas harris

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WC you might like the Necroscope series by Brian Lumley, there are many freaky characters but Johny Found is exceptionaly... wrong.


My fav book/series are:


LOTR, The first book i was given to read by my parents was The Lord of the Rings, pretty tough going for a kid but now i get bragging rights. B) I don't think i need to pass comment on any of these books, if you havn't read them, check them out.


Harry Potter, they are a nice light read.


Fritz Leiber's Swords series, but i have a few other of his novels. Pretty good, Fritz Leiber has won a few awards for his writing and his novels are pretty good if slightly not what you expect.


AD&D novels, i particularly like the idea behind the Ravenloft world and i like the Dark Sun Prism Pentad and The Dragonlance Chronicles are very good too, gotta love Tas. Also the Moonshae and Druidhome trilogies were very enjoyable, they read like an AD&D game. One thing in particular i like about these AD&D books is there are famous characters and cross referenced stories with legendary events that influence the new stories.


David & Eddings Redemption of Althalus is very easy to read and i enjoyed the way tactics played a big part of the wars.


Robert Jordans The wheel of Time series is pretty good too, although in some places it falls into a lull and is often annoyingly repetitive.


Cordwainer Smith's The Rediscovery of Man is a very enjoyable set of short stories in a sci fi world that gives a different look to a sci fi future.


If you like Douglas Adams check out Terry Pratchett's Discworld series. Not the most story boarded or well thought out world but hilariously funny and the fact that so much in this magical world only exists to confound the characters in the way Murphies Law does, it can be forgivien if there are a few discrepancies.

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