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HEy guys

Iv been growing for about 6 months now and my plants are approx 1m 40 in height, while they are tall they are not very bushy yet there is still enough bud too please me. i have a total of 4 plants and they are all budding very well.

My question is when should i chop them, they have alot of white pistols with some brown pistols coming through, i heard from someone if i leave it too long it will wreck the bud??

Do the pistols stay there or do they form into the bud??



btw if you havent noticed i am a first time grower B)


please help me


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Where in Oz are you? My plants are still putting on bulk and only just starting to flower. Don't reckon I'll be harvesting before May. I'm in SA and Summer took a while to kick in here. I was going to get a 20x magnifier this year - someone posted a bunch of macro-photos of trichomes on this site and the expert opinion seems that you should wait 'til the resin changes to an amber colour. Don't be impatient - if your harvest too early you might not let your plants reach their potential.
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Guest weekprik

check this thread out, it will explain why you shouldnt go off pistil colour and when to pick.


<link removed>


EDIT: weekprik, it would be appreciated if you stopped linking to ASSC all the time. Its really not necessary. A quote from the Community Guidelines:


Oz Stoners does not allow free commercial advertising or Spam within it's community.


This includes signature links to commercial or like sites unless by previous agreement with Oz Stoners.

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